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A Review of Faculty Self-Assessment TPACK Instruments (January 2006 – March 2020)
Kristin Scott
Apr 01, 2021
Since Mishra and Koehler released their framework of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK), researchers have been attempting to measure it with a variety of self-assessment instruments. Early TPACK instruments...
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The Gamification of Code
Teaching an introductory web design course is already a blended environment. Students meet face-to-face, yet have access to a myriad of online resources, YouTube videos, blogs, and forums to support their learning. However, the...
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Incorporating Academic Strategy Instruction in Assignment Design to Remove Barriers to Writing Assignments in Philosophy
In early 2020, there was a faculty development workshop at MacEwan University on how to design philosophy writing assignments with fewer barriers commonly experienced by students with disabilities. This chapter streamlines the...
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Becoming Interculturally Adaptable
The prevailing picture of intercultural adaptation among international student sojourners features a reified process of overcoming culture shock or culture-related stress and anxiety. In the context of increasing recruitment of...
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“The Fact That the Author Was Male Instead of Female Provided for an Objective Opinion”
This paper presents an audit-style experiential learning activity intended to gauge students' perceptions of objectivity based on author gender, encourage students to apply the concept of bias to their own learning, and...
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