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Investigating Epistemic Stances in Game Play with Data Mining
In this paper, techniques of statistical computing were applied to data logs to investigate the patterns in students' play of The Fuzzy Chronicles, and how these patterns relate to learning outcomes with regards to Newtonian...
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End-User Approach to Evaluating Costs and Benefits of Smart City Applications
As a part of an ongoing series of studies in the smart city domain from the perspective of end-users, the paper presents the results of an exploratory survey based on the cost-benefit analysis of different smart city solutions...
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Ars moriendi
Mario O. D’Souza
Mar 14, 2018
I first found out that I have cancer, and the level of its severity and advanced stage,on the 11th of July, 2017. I had some symptoms like shortness of breath andfatigue, but I attributed them to a pill that I was taking, and...
Behavioural Intention Determinants of Augmented Reality Technology Adoption in Supermarkets/Hypermarkets
In this paper, the adoption of Augmented Reality, as one of the emerging and intriguing digital technologies, has been investigated. This research uses the extended Unified Theory on Acceptance and Use of Technology framework to...
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The Impact of Innovative Capabilities and Innovation Types on the Financial Performances of Insurance Companies
The ability to innovate is essential for achieving a competitive position, and digital innovations have become one of the main drivers of competitive advantage. The factors that affect the degree of innovation (innovation...
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