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PSK Method for Solving Mixed and Type-4 Intuitionistic Fuzzy Solid Transportation Problems

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJORIS.2019040102
Published by: IGI Global


In this article, the author categorises the solid transportation problem (STP) under uncertain environments. He formulates the mixed and fully intuitionistic fuzzy solid transportation problems (FIFSTPs) and utilizes the triangular intuitionistic fuzzy number (TIFN) to deal with uncertainty and hesitation. The PSK (P. Senthil Kumar) method for finding an intuitionistic fuzzy optimal solution for fully intuitionistic fuzzy transportation problem (FIFTP) is extended to solve the mixed and type-4 IFSTP and the optimal objective value of mixed and type-4 IFSTP is obtained in terms of triangular intuitionistic fuzzy number (TIFN). The main advantage of this method is that the optimal solution of mixed and type-4 IFSTP is obtained without using the basic feasible solution and the method of testing optimality. Moreover, the proposed method is computationally very simple and easy to understand. Finally, the procedure for the proposed method is illustrated with the help of numerical examples which is followed by graphical representation of the finding.