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Real-Time Mobile-Phone-Aided Melanoma Skin Lesion Detection Using Triangulation Technique

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJEHMC.2020070102
Published by: IGI Global


Melanoma is a harmful disease among all types of skin cancer. Genetic factors and the exposure of UV rays causes melanoma skin lesions. Early diagnosis is important to identify malignant melanomas to improve the patient prognosis. A biopsy is a traditional method which is painful and invasive when used for skin cancer detection. This method requires laboratory testing which is not very efficient and time-consuming to detect skin lesions. To solve the above issue, a computer aided diagnosis (CAD) for skin lesion detection is needed. In this article, we have developed a mobile application with the capabilities to segment skin lesions in dermoscopy images using a triangulation method and categorize them into malignant or bengin lesions through a supervised method which is convolution neural network (CNN). This mobile application will make the skin cancer detection non-invasive which does not require any laboratory testing, making the detection less time consuming and inexpensive with a detection accuracy of 81%.