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Critical Success Factors Affecting Information System Satisfaction in Public Sector Organizations

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/JGIM.2020070105
Published by: IGI Global


Many studies have investigated technology adoption in western countries and ignored the Arab region. The available Arab studies focused on the technology adoption model (TAM) and its subsequent variations while leaving important factors such as information quality, user involvement, availability of training and top management support on the success of information systems (IS). Despite that these factors were studied scantly in some past studies, this research attempts to fill this gap and develop a more integrative model of IS success. Results indicated the existence of four critical success factors, three organizational factors (management support, training, user involvement), and an information system factor (information quality), that affect IS success (use and satisfaction). Results found that information quality for the first time mediates the effect of the three organizational factors on IS success, while TAM components (perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use) have no effect.