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A Novel Verification Protocol to Restrict Unconstitutional Access of Information From Smart Card

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJDCF.2021010104
Published by: IGI Global


The services of the internet play an essential part in the daily life of the users. So, safety and confidentiality of the information are to be maintained to preserve user conviction in various services offered by network. The two-factor-based password verification techniques are used between remote server and legitimate users for verification over insecure channel. Several protocols have been suggested previously claiming their simplicity, privacy, safety, and robustness. The authors proved that their enhanced protocols are vulnerable to different attacks on the network and permit only authenticated users to update their password preserving traceability and identity. Analysis shows that no scheme has fulfilled all the security requirements and achieved entire goals. Therefore, in this article, a scheme has been presented to overcome these issues in the previous schemes to resist illegal access leading to misuse and achieve all the security requirements and goals. The safety analysis of the presented scheme has confirmed its performance in terms of reliability and safety.