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E-Learning Theories, Components, and Cloud Computing-Based Learning Platforms

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJWLTT.20210501.oa1
Published by: IGI Global


The student habit of using the digital platforms can be used to compliment the traditional learning methods. Specifically, designed digital learning platform can support the learning with convenience of time, place, and pace. They can increase the engagement of students and produce higher learning outcomes with increased satisfaction and competence. With a number of embedded features, cloud computing technology-based platforms can deliver the convenience and flexibility in learning environment to compliment the traditional learning pedagogies. The present work identifies the essential learning components that comprise the e-learning environment and categorizes them according to the established learning theories. Further, the prominent cloud-based learning platforms have been mapped to these platforms to see their effectiveness through the existing theories. The work is targeted to form a basis for the development and implementation of successful e-learning tools using the cloud-based platforms.