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IoT-Based Intelligent Irrigation System for Paddy Crop Using an Internet-Controlled Water Pump

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJAEIS.20210101.oa2
Published by: IGI Global


IoT is a communal association of things or equipment that can interact with each other with the help of an internet connection. IoT services play an imperative responsibility in the industry of agriculture, which can feed 10 billion people worldwide by 2050. Irrigation systems are a backbone of agriculture that help to reduce wastage of water and decide the effective usage of water according to the specific crop and thereby increase the crop yield. In this paper, an irrigation system is developed to supervise the paddy crop field using sensors (soil moisture sensor, pH sensor, and flow sensor), and this irrigation system works based on the concept of IoT, so it is known as intelligent irrigation system (IIS). The soil condition data from sensors are sent to a web server database using wireless transmission to decide how much water needed. In the proposed server database, the data is saved, and the authors use the concept of a dashboard; it operates via http protocol to control water pump of farmland. The condition of soil is monitored based on the parameter of soil-like moisture and water flow amount using the IoT, which is capable to turn on/off water pumps. The used dashboard is developed using open source free server, namely “000webhost.” This paper has considered the paddy crop that is rice because water is essential for growth and development of rice plants. The experimental results show this system is more proficient than the existing conventional and unadventurous irrigation approach.