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Towards the Customers' Intention to Use QR Codes in Mobile Payments

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/JGIM.20211101.oa37
Published by: IGI Global


This research studies the motivation of customers to choose the QR code as a payment tool by developing an integrated model based on UTAUT 424 valid responses were collected from diversified socio-economic backgrounds to validate the proposed framework. Compared with the original UTAUT model, the new one integrates ‘perceived security’, ‘perceived benefits’ and excludes ‘social influence’ to provide more comprehensive and consistent guidance. PLS-SEM technique was performed as in the data analysis process using SmartPLS. Our study concluded that seven of nine hypotheses are supported by the use of PLS-SEM technique. Customers' intention (R2=0.87) to use QR code as the payment tool is jointly contributed by their attitude, perceived usefulness, and subjective norms toward using QR code as the payment method. The formation of customers' attitudes (R2=0.79) towards using QR code is affected by their perceived usefulness, perceived benefits, and subjective norms. Discussion and strategies for the third parties of QR payment providers and future research directions are also presented.