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A HEVC Video Steganalysis Against DCT/DST-Based Steganography

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJDCF.20210501.oa2
Published by: IGI Global


The development of video steganography has put forward a higher demand for video steganalysis. This paper presents a novel steganalysis against discrete cosine/sine transform (DCT/DST)-based steganography for high efficiency video coding (HEVC) videos. The new steganalysis employs special frames extraction (SFE) and accordion unfolding (AU) transformation to target the latest DCT/DST domain HEVC video steganography algorithms by merging temporal and spatial correlation. In this article, the distortion process of DCT/DST-based HEVC steganography is firstly analyzed. Then, based on the analysis, two kinds of distortion, the intra-frame distortion and the inter-frame distortion, are mainly caused by DCT/DST-based steganography. Finally, to effectively detect these distortions, an innovative method of HEVC steganalysis is proposed, which gives a combination feature of SFE and a temporal to spatial transformation, AU. The experiment results show that the proposed steganalysis performs better than other methods.