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OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJWLTT.20210701.oa6
Published by: IGI Global


In the recent trends, cloud computing service users agreed on the concept of pay and use model by accessing all the best services provided by the providers. The major problem here is that there is no standardization so that not everyone coming into the same platform. Now cloud computing efficiently uses time, cost, and effort. In this internet, speed is playing an important role. With the development of each and every field with its proper limitations, the researchers come into the picture that the ontology concept is playing a vital role in the field of computing. The key role of ontology is supporting the knowledge sharing activities. It is giving the set of criteria to prove the use of ontology in the computing world. In the design and development of ontology for computing and mathematics, the information from data centers is very important. The selected design and decisions give efficient and effective results to prove how ontology is playing a vital role in the computing system.