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Fuzzy Evaluation of Agricultural Water Conservancy Facilities in Reuse

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJAEIS.2021070104
Published by: IGI Global


It is increasingly important to reuse the wastewater conservancy facilities, which can further promote the development of agricultural economy. The basis of full investigation and research on the wastewater conservancy facilities in rural areas by using fuzzy mathematics method. This paper constructs a hierarchy model to evaluate the reuse value of wastewater conservancy facilities. The model conducts empirical research on the wastewater conservancy facilities in a certain farmland. The research results show that the transformation of abstract research into quantitative research, a scientific and reasonable practical research model, is established, which can evaluate the research object well. The comprehensive evaluation value of a certain farmland is 0.608. The wastewater conservancy facilities in the farmland are in good condition and can be repaired by reconstruction; some economic benefits are obtained.