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Development and Evaluation of a Cognitive Training Application for Children With Learning Difficulties

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/JGIM.20211101.oa47
Published by: IGI Global


The studies targeting cognitive training via computerized applications focused on suggesting varied types of Working Memory's (WM) tasks rather than offering those tasks in a user-friendly way or suggesting practical guidelines targeting the end-user. Therefore, the purpose of the current study is to adopt the design based-research method (DBR) to design, develop, and evaluate a cognitive training application in the light of a set of proposed guidelines. This developed application is targeting children with LDs at primary schools. The current study focused on end-user testing by evaluating the children's perceived experience during and after engagement in the application. The results showed that most of the children (86.5%) perceived a good experience with the application as well as their verbal and no-verbal WM performance improved significantly after the training period. A set of theoretical and practical implications derived from the study was embedded for future research.