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Obtaining the Dynamic Coefficients of Structuredness for Assessing a Domain

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJCINI.20211001.oa7
Published by: IGI Global


Today, effective management of information requires an in-depth study of its internal organization. The structural organization of information affects the efficiency of choosing a method for solving the problem and the qualitative presentation of information about the subject area. Therefore, the article proposes a new semiotic structural approach to assessing the structuredness of information in a subject area, as well as theoretical, practical, and general logical methods for studying the process of search research as a single system. The authors proposed and investigated the structured information coeffi-cient, which the authors propose to consider in several aspects - with respect to the search research model presented by the traditional algorithm, and the structured subject area. The article presents theo-retical positions, derives the formula of coefficients for different cases, carries out calculations on the example of the subject area “optimization methods”, constructs graphs based on the calculated data, and draws conclusions.