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From Learning Literature to Online Holistic Education

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJWLTT.20211101.oa4
Published by: IGI Global


This study utilizes the literature education section of an online holistic environment to: (1) develop a literature education survey based on Miller’s (2007) theory of holistic education, (2) explore the effect of students’ holistic learning through online literature immersion, and (3) inquire about students’ holistic development through literature appreciation. Eight hundred twenty two college students were involved in the online literature-related activities. With qualitative and quantitative data collection, the study analyzes online literature and poetry, interactive feedback and reflection, and a survey questionnaire. The study’s content analysis discovers how students’ literature works are distributed into Miller’s three principles of holistic education and their extensive subthemes. Confirmatory factor analysis results suggest the survey instrument captured e-HO’s literature education module’s holistic impact. The discussion and limitations for online literature education from a holistic education perspective are also provided to guide future research