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The Moderating Role of Gender on Pathos and Logos in Online Shopping Behavior

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJAMTR.288508
Published by: IGI Global


Many research studies and observations have made it evident that there exists a difference between the shopping behavior of the male and female. The objective of this research paper is to explore the moderation effect of gender on the influence of pathos & logos in online shopping. Pathos can be explained as the emotional quotient in the purchasing behavior whereas Logos can be understood as the logic behind purchasing a particular product. Structural Equation Modeling is used for the final analysis and interpretation of the formulated hypothesis. The three approaches used are Chi-square Difference, Pairwise Parameter Comparisons & Nested Model Comparisons to know the moderating role of gender on the relationship between pathos & logos in online shopping. The findings of this research conclude that females are more governed by emotions, which is a complex buying behavior. The practical implication of this research paper is beneficial not only for the customers who frequently purchase the goods online but also for the e-commerce companies who are in the online trading business.