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Paradigm Shift in the Education Sector Amidst COVID-19 to Improve Online Engagement

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/JGIM.290366
Published by: IGI Global


The study aims to identify social, intellectual and conceptual structures along with key areas, contributors, current dynamics and suggest future research directions in the field of engagement with e-learning systems. An objective analysis of a sample of 358 articles taken from the Web of Science database, supported by subjective assessments based on the research focused on the integration of management into e-learning domain. Citations and PageRank metrics were used to identify the most influential papers along with most influential authors. To understand the intellectual structure of the research area, a co-citation network was developed. The study may help to explore effective ways of delivering education during a crisis, while also taking a sustainable approach to the promotion of education through online methods. By understanding the behavior of learners towards various forms of content delivery, policy makers at national level can develop a framework to implement it nationwide.