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Integrating Digital Technologies in Accounting Preservice Teacher Education

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJTHI.293200
Published by: IGI Global


The importance of developing technological skills at the undergraduate level to form better professionals is no longer questionable, assuming a particular role in subjects as accounting education. However, it appears that technologies are still weakly used in education and training. This article intends to analyse i) how students' technological skills development can be promoted, ii) in what way the integration of digital technologies in the curriculum is managed, and iii) what influence teaching, assessment and learning methods have, in the development of generic skills, especially technological skills. Presents a case study in the master's degree in Economics and Accounting Teaching, that forms teachers to vocational secondary education in this area. A qualitative approach was used with the support of participant observation and a questionnaire to finalist students. The case study is based on the active teacher training model that promotes technological skills using teaching and assessment methods for active learning.