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Assessment of the Endorsers of E-Business Practices for Food Supply Chain Performance Systems

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJEBR.294109
Published by: IGI Global


Globalisation and changing lifestyle of the people has escalated the demand for the more product customisation, taste preferences and awareness about the usage of quality food commodities. Recent developments in the field of information technology and its integration with the business practices has emerged as a new term named ‘e-business’ (EB). Increasing consumer base of the food supply chains (FSC), has escalated the demand of technological and operation advancements by mediating ‘EB’ activities. Such, practices become extensively crucial when the world is suffering from the pandemic of COVID-19, leading to distressing of FSC linkages causing frequent market closures. To tackle the same presented work, explores the various endorsers (EDR) of the ‘EB’ in FSC, which are contemplated by hybrid combination of multi-criteria decision making techniques. Outcomes of the present work aids managers to formulate the decision policies and develop a robust framework in the direction to cling the ‘EB’ practices with FSC.