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Subject-Self Affecting on Teachers' Perceived ICT Usability

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJDET.295980
Published by: IGI Global


This study reports an empirical investigation of the effects of school teachers’ self-efficacy and self-concept on their perceived ICT usability. It employed a descriptive survey method within an ex-post-facto research design taking 300 teachers as samples from purposively selected 50 Indian schools. The findings revealed that self-efficacy and self-concept discretely had a positive effect on teachers’ perceived ICT usability although self-concept was found to have a deeper impact in comparison to self-efficacy. But the two variables operated simultaneously had a more significant and stronger positive effect on the teachers’ perceived ICT usability. For every 1 standard unit increase in self-efficacy and in self-concept, the perceived ICT usability will be increased by 0.95 standard units. Based on this regression output authors proposed the TAM3+ as an extension of the TAM3 by adding a new domain as users’ ‘subjective self’ encompassing self-efficacy and self-concept significantly affecting their perceived ease of technology use.