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Analysis of the Perception of Professionals in Municipalities of Dammam Metropolitan Area Towards Introducing E-Participation in Saudi Urban Planning

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJEPR.297516
Published by: IGI Global


The aim of the study is to investigates the e-participation in urban planning in Saudi Arabia (KSA). It further investigates the perception of the employed professionals in the municipalities of Dammam Metropolitan Area (DMA) towards introducing e-participation. The study adopts a quantitative research method. The data is collected through a structured self-administrated survey. The sample for survey is drawn from the municipalities in DMA, KSA. The target population of the study is defined as professionals working in municipalities in DMA. The findings of the study indicate that the professionals in municipalities have optimistic attitudes toward e-participation in urban planning. They believe that e-participation in urban planning will contribute in having: high representation of public, positive contribution, and speeding up the decision-making. The findings also show that there is almost complete agreement in the views regarding the e-participation feasibility in planning process during crises (such as COVID-19).