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Can Perceived Ease of Use Improve M-Commerce Adoption?

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJOM.299394
Published by: IGI Global


In India, e-commerce sector is rising at an enormous pace, but even larger share is in the hands of offline retailers till now. A unique type of consumer behaviour has been seen because of the simple accessibility of the internet, where the customer searches for products and its information on the internet and then buys them offline. With this the researcher is here analysing the mediating effect of perceived ease of use on adoption of M-commerce services with the usage of advance mobile network generations. Data were collected from 616 respondents by making stratas of respondents in such a way that different telecom users who are doing online transactions were taken. Data were analysed by using Structural Equation Modeling technique and it was examined that the mediator (perceived ease of use) has a great impact on M-commerce adoption.