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Adaptive Ontology-Based IoT Resource Provisioning in Computing Systems

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJSWIS.306260
Published by: IGI Global


The eagle expresses of cloud computing plays a pivotal role in the development of technology. The aim is to solve in such a way that it will provide an optimized solution. The key role of allocating these efficient resources and making the algorithms for its time and cost optimization. The approach of the research is based on the rough set theory RST. RST is a great method for making a large difference in qualitative analysis situations. It's a technique to find knowledge discovery and handle the problems such as inductive reasoning, automatic classification, pattern recognition, learning algorithms, and data reduction. The rough set theory is the new method in cloud service selection so that the best services provide for cloud users and efficient service improvement for cloud providers. The simulation of the work is finished at intervals with the merchandise utilized for the formation of the philosophy framework. The simulation shows the IoT services provided by the IoT service supplier to the user are the best utilization with the parameters and ontology technique.