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Technology-Enabled Mobilization in the Emergence of a Value Co-Creating Ecosystem

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/JOEUC.312855
Published by: IGI Global


Mobilization has been an important management issue in business interaction, but the role of technology in the mobilization process is little investigated, particularly with regard to the rising phenomena of platforms and ecosystems. This research attempts to explore the concept of technology-enabled mobilization by dealing with the question of how technology facilitates a mobilizing process that drives the emergence of a value co-creating ecosystem. This research question is investigated through a single case study that looked at an agricultural enterprise's business development for almost three decades, in which key stakeholders were attracted to engage in collective collaborations, resulting in an interdependency and value co-creating system. The case findings permit us to develop implications, particularly the notions of service-based and technology-enabled mobilizations.