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Altering OWL Ontologies for Efficient Knowledge Organization on the Semantic Web

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJISMD.313431
Published by: IGI Global


The increase in the number of users on the internet and the advancement in information technology have spiked the generation of information to an unprecedented level making information retrieval and web mining a difficult task. Semantic technologies can help improve the results of web mining by providing constructs that can help represent the web documents in a machine-understandable manner. To keep providing semantically rich services while keeping this surge in the amount of information in mind, we have to work towards ways to make the process of information management efficient while retaining its effectiveness. One of the ways to accomplish the above task is to improvise the knowledge organization in a manner that every piece of information is in its designated place. This paper discusses and addresses the problems with current knowledge organization methodologies and presents an algorithm to alter the available OWL ontologies. The authors were able to get a noticeable improvement in the amount of storage used by the ontology with fewer axioms without losing any information.