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A Corpus-Based Study on the Translation Style of Five English Versions of Fu Sheng Liu Ji, Vol I

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJTIAL.313922
Published by: IGI Global


Using a corpus approach, this article investigates the translation styles of the first chapter of Fu Sheng Liu Ji at three levels: the statistical parameters, the translation of culture-specific lexis, and readability calculations. It is found that Lin's version uses simpler words which makes it easier for the average English reader to understand traditional Chinese literature; while Wu's translation borrows to a great extent from the Lin's version, and its style is consistent with Lin's translation. The Pratt and Jiang's translation is the most annotated and readable by the average English reader. Sanders' version is centered on the source language, showing the translator's translation stance of spreading Chinese culture, with a tendency to move closer to thick translation. Black's version is more special in that the translator often imitates the author's tone to add cultural information to the original text. The main reasons for the very different styles of the five translations are due to the differences in the translators' social-culture backgrounds and the target readers.