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A Cost-Effective Work-Based Interprofessional Collaboration Program for Healthcare Professionals

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJOPCD.315589
Published by: IGI Global


Despite the availability of online interprofessional collaboration (IPC) programs, few cater for low- and middle-income communities and healthcare workers with limited Internet resources. This article describes how an interdisciplinary team developed an IPC blended learning program for healthcare workers in a low- and middle-income maternity setting. The purpose of the article is to discuss and outline how the authors developed an IPC program that is easily accessible and cost-effective to implement in low- and middle-income communities. To scaffold the program content and structure, the authors integrated IPC principles and the ADDIE instructional design model. By discussing the design process and methodology, the article aims to demonstrate how an accessible learning program can be developed using a work-based pedagogy and blended learning approach. In doing so, the authors trust the design process and approach can guide other healthcare professionals and educators in similar contexts, as well as encourage educational professionals to utilize resources optimally.