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Paradigm Shift in the Education Sector Amidst COVID-19 to Improve Online Engagement
The study aims to identify social, intellectual and conceptual structures along with key areas, contributors, current dynamics and suggest future research directions in the field of engagement with e-learning systems. An...
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Empirical Investigation of Participation on Crowdsourcing Platforms
Crowdsourcing platforms have gained importance in recent times, and their success is dependent mainly on the participation of the crowd. Participation is a function of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Moreover, with the...
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Developing a Framework for Electronic Engagement at Work
Several electronic-engagement-related questions arise at work due to the beginning of a new era of social distancing, lockdowns, quarantining, and sanitization. These terms were not so common before. What challenges do employees...
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Two Decades of Research on Consumer Behaviour and Analytics
The present study is a systematic literature review that identifies the context of consumer behaviour and analytics in business to forecast the future of consumer behaviour with changing business trends through TCCM (theory...
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Effective Online Engagement Strategies Through Gamification
Gamification has recently been discovered as an excellent user engagement strategy that has the potential to improve online education, online brand engagement, and information system engagement. Even though the number of studies...
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