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National Identity and Sports in Latin America
“La Guerra de Fútbol,” Spanish for The Football War, erupted after a qualifying match in Mexico City between El Salvador and Honduras for the 1970 FIFA World Cup. Despite El Salvador winning the match, the state dissolved...
Entrepreneurial Leadership and Creativity in Projects
This paper aims to investigate the relationship between entrepreneurial leadership (EL) and creativity in projects. Additionally, the study also examine the mediating effect of innovative work behavior (IWB) and the moderating...
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Using Experiential Learning to Improve Student Attitude and Learning Quality in Software Engineering Education
Experiential learning (EL) has great potential to transform students’ learning experience. Few studies, however, have focused on the use of EL in computer science education. The purpose of this study was to examine students'...
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A Reliable and Smart E-Healthcare System for Monitoring Intravenous Fluid Level, Pulse, and Respiration Rate
The paper presents reliable and quality maintenance of intravenous fluid level, pulse rate and respiration rate measurement system in healthcare networks. Implementing information and communication technology becomes essential...
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Analysis of the Perception of Professionals in Municipalities of Dammam Metropolitan Area Towards Introducing E-Participation in Saudi Urban Planning
Adel Bouregh
Jan 01, 2022
The aim of the study is to investigates the e-participation in urban planning in Saudi Arabia (KSA). It further investigates the perception of the employed professionals in the municipalities of Dammam Metropolitan Area (DMA)...
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Against the Notion of Unidirectionality in Lexeme Genesis
Carl Rubino
Sep 05, 2013
The morphological continuum of grammaticization has been considered to be unidirectional, in which a lexical item undergoing the grammaticization process would become cognitively and phonologically bound to the root morpheme for...
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Customer Churn Prediction Analysis
Several machine learning models have been proposed to address customer churn problems. In this work, the authors used a novel method by applying deep convolutional neural networks on a labeled dataset of 18,000 prepaid...
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Investigating Reading Experience of Dyslexic Children Through Dyslexia-Friendly Online Learning Environment
Dyslexia is one of the most common developmental disabilities; it is a disorder manifested by difficulty in learning to read despite conventional instruction, adequate intelligence, and sociocultural opportunity. The current...
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Finding Relevant Documents in a Search Engine Using N-Grams Model and Reinforcement Learning
The field of information retrieval (IR) is an important area in computer science, this domain helps us to find information that we are interested in from an important volume of information. A search engine is the best example of...
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Metaheuristic Ensemble Pruning via Greedy-Based Optimization Selection
Mergani Khairalla
Jan 01, 2022
Ensemble selection is a crucial problem for ensemble learning (EL) to speed up the predictive model, reduce the storage space requirements and to further improve prediction accuracy. Diversity among individual predictors is...
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Critical Success Factors Affecting Information System Satisfaction in Public Sector Organizations
Many studies have investigated technology adoption in western countries and ignored the Arab region. The available Arab studies focused on the technology adoption model (TAM) and its subsequent variations while leaving important...
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Evaluating Urban Sensing Within Engaged Planning and Design
Civic technology models propose that urban environmental sensing and analysis can inform community-based decision making, but technology-driven planning and design is still subject to systemic challenges including a lack of...
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Development and Evaluation of a Cognitive Training Application for Children With Learning Difficulties
The studies targeting cognitive training via computerized applications focused on suggesting varied types of Working Memory's (WM) tasks rather than offering those tasks in a user-friendly way or suggesting practical guidelines...
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An Exploratory Study on the Effect of Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Technology on Customer Experiences in the Banking Sector
This study investigates how artificial intelligent technology in the banking sector has affected consumers’ overall experience. It focuses on how consumers’ personal digital transformation has affected digital banking...
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Satellite Imagery Noising With Generative Adversarial Networks
Using satellite imagery and remote sensing data for supervised and self-supervised learning problems can be quite challenging when parts of the underlying datasets are missing due to natural phenomena (clouds, fog, haze, mist...
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Social Media User-Influencer Congruity
This paper explores and inspects the effect of user-influencer congruence on social media platforms para-social relationships and consumer brand engagement (COBRA). In addition, the paper inspects the influence of para-social...
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Parallel and Distributed Pattern Mining
The treatment of large data is difficult and it looks like the arrival of the framework MapReduce is a solution of this problem. This framework can be used to analyze and process vast amounts of data. This happens by...
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A Service Architecture Using Machine Learning to Contextualize Anomaly Detection
This article introduces a service that helps provide context and an explanation for the outlier score given to any network flow record selected by the analyst. The authors propose a service architecture for the delivery of...
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A Hybrid Hierarchical Heuristic-ACO With Local Search Applied to Travelling Salesman Problem, AS-FA-Ls
The combinatorial optimization problem is attracting research because they have a wide variety of applications ranging from route planning and supply chain optimization to industrial scheduling and the IoT. Solving such problems...
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Community-Centered Urban Sensing
The authors examine the problem of integrating urban sensing into engaged planning. The authors ask whether enhanced urban data and analysis can enhance resident engagement in planning and design, rather than hinder it, even...
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Newcomers, Creative Spaces, and Connection Through Art
Historically, the island of Newfoundland has had  a culturally homogeneous population. For this reason, newcomers report a distressing insider/outsider dynamic of disconnect and challenges accessing local social support systems...
Applying Big Data Analytics in Higher Education
Higher education systems (HES) have become increasingly absorbed in applying big data analytics due to competition as well as economic pressures. Many studies have been conducted that applied big data analytics in HES; however...
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Sentiment Analysis on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have evolved rapidly in recent years due to their open and massive nature. However, MOOCs suffer from a high dropout rate, since learners struggle to stay cognitively and emotionally engaged....
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Leadership Moderating the Impact of Personality Traits on Sales Performance
This study aims to detect the impact of three personality traits on agents' sales performance. The moderating role of the unit manager's leadership style is highlighted too. MLQ-5X and Mini-IPIP questionnaires were distributed...
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Hadoop Paradigm for Satellite Environmental Big Data Processing
The important growth of industrial, transport, and agriculture activities, has not led only to the air quality and climate changes issues, but also to the increase of the potential natural disasters. The emission of harmful...
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