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A Novel Verification Protocol to Restrict Unconstitutional Access of Information From Smart Card
The services of the internet play an essential part in the daily life of the users. So, safety and confidentiality of the information are to be maintained to preserve user conviction in various services offered by network. The...
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Quantify the Behaviour Intention of Individuals to Control SC Performance by Exploring Cloud Storage Services
The Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology 2 (UTAUT2) is explored as a theoretical background to build extended UTAUT2 model with relevant variables for examining the cloud storage services technology acceptance at...
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Conditioned Slicing of Interprocedural Programs
Madhusmita Sahu
Jan 01, 2019
Program slicing is a technique to decompose programs depending on control flow and data flow amongst several lines of code in a program. Conditioned slicing is a generalization of static slicing and dynamic slicing. A variable...
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Artificial Bee Colony Optimized Deep Neural Network Model for Handling Imbalanced Stroke Data
Ajay Dev, Sanjay Malik
Sep 01, 2021
The healthcare domain gets wide attention among the research community due to incremental data growth, advanced diagnostic tools, medical imaging processes, and many more. Enormous healthcare data is generated through diagnostic...
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Prediction of Nurses Allotment to Patient in Hospital through Game Theory
Satya Dash, Rekha Sahu
Jan 01, 2022
Allotment of nurses to patients is a critical task in terms of better treatment. Nurses should be appointed according to a patient's health condition, type of disease, and financial condition. Again, understaffing of nurses may...
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A Comprehensive Review of Map-Matching Techniques
The map matching method gets simpler with higher precision positioning systems, but because the positioning framework is still not sufficiently precise or too costly for marginal map matching in practice, it is still a hot...
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Classification of Autistic Spectrum Disorder Using Deep Neural Network With Particle Swarm Optimization
In this paper, Feature Selection Technique (FST) namely Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) has been used. The filter based PSO is a search method with Correlation-based Feature Selection (CBFS) as a fitness function. The FST has...
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Prediction and Anticipation Features-Based Intellectual Assistant in Location-Based Services
Intellectual assistant in a location based service (LBS) is considered here as assistive technology in healthcare system for helping users with sensory, physical or intellectual diminished capabilities. The proposed system has...
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Life Change and its Lockdown Impact due to COVID-19 Eruption
Dr. Ajay Gupta
Feb 28, 2022
Unprecedented difficulties caused by COVID-19 are affecting people's lifestyle choices all over the world. COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impression on the Indian population's diet and lifestyle choices.
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A New Bi-Level Encoding and Decoding Scheme for Pixel Expansion Based Visual Cryptography
Mapping of image-based object textures to ASCII characters can be a new modification towards visual cryptography. Naor and Shamir proposed a new dimension of Information security as visual cryptography which is a secret sharing...
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Attitude Towards the Usage of Internet-Based Applications in Management Education
Internet based applications are as a tool progressively used to encourage learning and relationship management in management education. This examination analyzed the attitude of students and educators towards utilizing internet...
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A Novel Approach for Wind Speed Forecasting Using LSTM-ARIMA Deep Learning Models
The term which is used to predict wind speed to produce wind power is wind speed forecasting. Deep learning, is a form of AI, basically indulging in artificial intelligence and thus can greatly increase the precision rate on...
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Credit Card Fraud Prediction Using XGBoost
With the development of technology, the internet and eCommerce online payment has become an essential mode of payment. Nowadays, credit card payment is a convenient mode of payment online as well as offline transactions. As...
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Effect of Big Data Analytics in Reverse Supply Chain
The main purpose of this paper is to know about the recent status of big data analytics (BDA) on various manufacturing and reverse supply chain levels (RSCL) in Indian industries. In particular, it emphasises on understanding of...
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Coronary Artery Disease Classification Using Deep Neural Network and Ensemble Models Optimized by Particle Swarm Optimization
Nowadays, many people are suffering from several health related issues in which Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is an important one. Identification, prevention and diagnosis of diseases is a very challenging task in the field of...
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Agricultural Recommendation System for Crops Using Different Machine Learning Regression Methods
Agriculture is a foremost field within the world, and it's the backbone in the Republic of India. Agriculture has been in poor condition. The impact of temperature variations and its uncertainty has engendered the bulk of the...
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Determinants of Smart Digital Infrastructure Diffusion for Urban Public Services
Government of India’s ‘Digital India’ initiative intends to build robust digital ecosystem that fosters innovation & entrepreneurship enabling better citizen service & citizen empowerment. Digitization in India involves...
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A Systematic Review of Tools Available in the Field of Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality interfaces have been extensively researched throughout the past few decades, with many user studies being conducted. This paper examines the landscape of research on augmented reality. We summarise the overall...
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Artificial Intelligence Biosensing System on Hand Gesture Recognition for the Hearing Impaired
AI technologies have the potential to help deaf individuals communicate. Due to the complexity of sign fragmentation and the inadequacy of capturing hand gestures, the authors present a sign language recognition (SLR) system and...
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