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An Empirical Study on Selection, Evaluation, and Management Strategies of Green Suppliers in Manufacturing Enterprises
Chia-Huei Wu
Jan 01, 2022
Green supply chain management means integrating environmental awareness into supply chain management, including product design, raw material acquisition and selection, the manufacturing process, the distribution of final...
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Lucky Reply Effect
As social media has developed, online interaction between consumers and companies has increased rapidly. This research explores how companies' replies to consumers' past online comments affect consumers' predictions of their...
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Lucky Reply Effect
As social media has developed, online interaction between consumers and companies has increased rapidly. This research explores how companies' replies to consumers' past online comments affect consumers' predictions of their...
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Assessing the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Pre-Service Science Teachers at a South African University
The purpose of this study was to investigate preservice science teachers' proficiency levels regarding their practical knowledge of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK-P). A sample of 103 third- and fourth-year...
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Double-Layer Learning, Leaders' Forgetting, and Knowledge Performance in Online Work Community Organizations
This paper constructs an online community organizational double-layer learning structure model based on exploration-exploitation models. In this way, the authors examine the effect how double-layer online community learning as...
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Point of View in Translator's Style
Yang Liu
Oct 31, 2022
Based on self-built parallel and comparable corpora, this paper explores the translator's style manifested in two Chinese translations of Moment in Peking (one by Zhang Zhenyu and the other by Yu Fei). The findings demonstrate...
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Research on the Impact of Information Security Certification and Concealment on Financial Performance
With the rapid development of information technology, information security has been gaining attention. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has issued international standards and technical reports related to...
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An Emoji Is Worth a Thousand Words
Face emojis are regularly used in reviews on online shopping sites to add richness and/or levity to the text. However, few researchers have investigated the use of face emojis in consumer reviews. This paper examined the effects...
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Functionality, Emotion, and Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistants
This paper aims to expand the acceptance of the AI Virtual Assistant model from the perspective of user’s cognition. Based on the 240 samples, we used multi-layer regression analysis to investigate the influencing factors and...
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Predicting Patients' Satisfaction With Doctors in Online Medical Communities
Online medical communities have revolutionized the way patients obtain medical-related information and services. Investigating what factors might influence patients’ satisfaction with doctors and predicting their satisfaction...
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A New Internet Public Opinion Evaluation Model
This research retrieved public opinions on the novel coronavirus pandemic with the aid of the DiVoMiner. The data were collected by setting keywords via qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) and automated computational...
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Improving Customer Value Index and Consumption Forecasts Using a Weighted RFM Model and Machine Learning Algorithms
Collecting and mining customer consumption data are crucial to assess customer value and predict customer consumption behaviors. This paper proposes a new procedure, based on an improved Random Forest Model by: adding a new...
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Intelligent and Interactive Chatbot Based on the Recommendation Mechanism to Reach Personalized Learning
With the impacts of Covid-19 epidemic, e-learning has become a popular research issue. Therefore, how to upgrade the interactivity of e-learning, and allow learners to quickly access personalized and popular learning information...
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Research on C2C E-Commerce Taxation Based on Mixed Decision Game
Jiamian Yu, Haiyan Yu
Aug 01, 2021
The rapid rise of C2C e-commerce in China has brought serious difficulties to China's tax collection and management. Based on the principle of progressive taxation, the necessity of Taxation on C2C e-commerce is analyzed and...
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A Quality Function Deployment Approach Through Management and Technology Development
Corrugated paper industry is an indispensable industry and it has been developed for more than fifty years. Hence, it is important for a firm to find its core competence, study effective business strategies, and form a long-term...
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Behavior Analysis of Customer Churn for a Customer Relationship System
This article describes how the bank industry in Taiwan must function in today's tough and fiercely competitive domestic credit card market and subdued global market. Banks are increasingly emphasizing the importance of retaining...
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An Empirical Study on Factors Affecting Switching Intention to Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning
With the diffusion of cloud computing, public and private enterprise resource planning (ERP) have received increasing attention. However, several prior studies have investigated the factors that affect cloud system adoption for...
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Spammer Group Detection Using Machine Learning Technology for Observation of New Spammer Behavioral Features
Recently, the rapid growth in the number of customer reviews on e-commence platforms and in the amount of user-generated content has begun to have a profound impact on customer purchasing decisions. To counter the negative...
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Global Multi-Source Information Fusion Management and Deep Learning Optimization for Tourism
Xue Yu
May 01, 2022
The purpose is to solve the problems of sparse data information, low recommendation precision and recall rate and cold start of the current tourism personalized recommendation system. First, a context based personalized...
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A Universal Image Forensics of Smoothing Filtering
Digital image smoothing filtering operations, including the average filtering, Gaussian filtering and median filtering are always used to beautify the forged images. The detection of these smoothing operations is important in...
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Uncertainty analysis for propagation effects from statistical downscaling to hydrological modelingUncertainty analysis for propagation effects from statistical downscaling to hydrological modeling
Hongjing Wu, Bing Chen
Aug 26, 2014
To understand the water balance and environmental effects under climate change condition, hydrological models are always used to simulate the hydrological cycle and predict future scenarios by using global climate models (GCMs)...
Lattice Boltzmann Method for the Advection and Diffusion Equation in Shallow Water
Haifei Liu, Yu Ding
Aug 04, 2014
Solute transport exists in most natural flows, which can be described by the advective-diffusive equation. In numerical modeling of such phenomenon, it is important to deal with irregular boundary and angular boundary points for...
Computing Offloading Decision Based on Adaptive Estimation of Distribution Algorithm in Internet of Vehicles
Aimed to improve the efficiency of computing offloading in internet of vehicles (IoV), a collaborative multi-task computing offloading decision mechanism with adaptive estimation of distribution algorithm for MEC-IoV was...
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The Study of Para-Social Interaction With E-Word-of-Mouth for Influencer Marketing by Complex Computing
The purpose of this study was focused on exploring the relationship among the fans’ preferences, fans’ para-social interaction, and fans’ word-of-mouth. A survey consisted of 21 items based on the literature review and developed...
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Two-Step Image-in-Image Steganography via GAN
Recently, convolutional neural network has been introduced to information hiding and deep net- work has shown great potential in steganography. However, one drawback of deep network is that it’s sensitive to small fluctuations....
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