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What Determines the Pattern of China's Cross-Border E-Commence With the World?
Cross-border e-commerce has gradually expanded in international trade markets over the past decades. This paper analyzes the determinants of the volume of cross-border e-commerce in a gravity model framework. Moreover, the paper...
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Movement from Object Position in Chinese
Zhong-ying Lu
Sep 05, 2013
There is a subject-object asymmetry in Chinese, such that the extraction of a possessor NP from a possessive NP is quite free from subject position but restricted from object position. A possessive tJP consists of a possessor NP...
Learning Trajectory Patterns via Canonical Correlation Analysis
A substantial body of research has been devoted to the analysis of motion trajectories. Usually, a motion trajectory consists of a set of coordinates, which is called a raw trajectory. In this paper, the authors first use...
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Smart Classroom College English Listening Teaching System Based on Virtual Environment Technology
Lu Wei, Binquan Liu
Feb 21, 2022
This article mainly studies the design and realization of English listening teaching system based on virtual environment technology. This paper designs and builds a virtual experimental operating platform to assist students in...
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Information Usefulness and Attitude Formation a Double-Dependent Variable Model (DDV) to Examine the Impacts of Online Reviews on Consumers
With the popularity of online shopping, a large body of studies have paid much attention to the factors influencing consumers’ information seeking and assessing. However, theoretical development and empirical testing are still...
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Making Connections Through Knowledge Nodes in Translator Training
Chunshen Zhu, Lu Tian
Jul 01, 2020
This study defines translator training as a pedagogical scheme to help learners build up a knowledge network that should sustain their professional competence. It explores specifically how a computer-assisted mode of training...
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Establishing Trust in E-Commerce Through Website Design Elements
It is expected that website design can lead to online trust, although research that systematically examines such a relationship is little. In addition, far too little attention has been paid to understand the effect of website...
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Statistical Downscaling of Rainfall using Large-Scale Predictors
A warmer climate is expected to lead to more serious natural disasters, such as heavy storms, prolonged droughts and frequent floods. For a high-density urban region, the flash flood problem may become worse due to possible...
Constructing Technology Commercialization Capability
In the era of big data-driven digital economies, technology commercialization capability has become the lifeblood of high-tech enterprises to shape competitive advantage and achieve multiplier growth, while the related research...
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Towards a Text-World Approach to Translation and Its Pedagogical Implications
Lu Tian, Hui Wang
Jul 01, 2019
Although it is widely acknowledged that translation is a cognitive process, there is scarcely any study establishing connections between the text and mental representations and giving a systematic and comprehensive explanation...
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A High Capacity Test Disguise Method Combined With Interpolation Backup and Double Authentications
To improve the hidden capacity of a single question, further avoid the absence of authentication and provide self-repair ability, this paper proposes a high capacity test disguise method combined with interpolation backup and...
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A Hierarchical Clustering Federated Learning System Based on Industry 4.0
Chun-Yi Lu, Hsin-Te Wu
Jan 01, 2022
This study proposes using dendrogram clustering as the basis to construct a federated learning system for A.I. model parameter updating. The authors adopted a private blockchain to accelerate downloads of the latest parameters...
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Fast and Effective Copy-Move Detection of Digital Audio Based on Auto Segment
Detecting digital audio forgeries is a significant research focus in the field of audio forensics. In this article, the authors focus on a special form of digital audio forgery—copy-move—and propose a fast and effective method...
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Influence of Soil Drought Stress on C, N and P Stoichiometry of Tamarix Chinensis Lour. in Yellow River Delta, China
Taking the one-year-old T. chinensis (Tamarix chinensis Lour.) in Yellow River Delta as the study object, the variations of C, N and P stoichiometry in T. chinensis under drought stress was studied using pot experiments. The...
Applying Secret Image Sharing to Economics
Economics has some limitations, such as insecure multiple parties economical investment decision and leakage of business quotation. Secret image sharing (SIS) for (k, n)-threshold is such a technique that protects an image...
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Performance Evaluation and Scheme Selection of Person Re-Identification Algorithms in Video Surveillance
With the increasing number of camera networks deployed in public places, intelligent video processing has become a key technology for video surveillance. In order to alleviate the workload of the tracers in the artificial...
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A Common General Access Structure Construction Approach in Secret Image Sharing
(k, n) threshold is a special case of the general access structure (GAS) in secret image sharing (SIS), therefore GAS is more extensive than (k, n) threshold. Most of conventional SIS, including visual secret sharing (VSS)...
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Multi-Layer Fusion Neural Network for Deepfake Detection
Recently, the spread of videos forged by deepfake tools has been widely concerning, and effective ways for detecting them are urgently needed. It is known that such artificial intelligence-aided forgery makes at least three...
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A Basic Framework for Privacy Protection in Personalized Information Retrieval
Personalized information retrieval is an effective tool to solve the problem of information overload. Along with the rapid development of emerging network technologies such as cloud computing, however, network servers are...
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Violence Detection With Two-Stream Neural Network Based on C3D
In recent years, violence detection has gradually turned into an important research area in computer vision, and have proposed many models with high accuracy. However, the unsatisfactory generalization ability of these methods...
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The Investigation of Dependence Between the Internet Measurement and Globalization
Under the new measurement for the internet supplied from the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA), the authors relax the orthogonal and normality condition with the methodology based on empirical...
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Big Data in Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship research is paying increasing attention to big data. However, there is only a fragmented understanding on how big data influences entrepreneurial activities. To review previous research systematically and...
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Analysis of WeChat Subscription Influence Based on Topic Diffusion
With the average daily growth of 15000 new subscribers, the number of WeChat subscription has broken the 5,800,000 subscribers recently. WeChat subscription's topic influence calculation has been very significant. This article...
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A Financial Deep Learning Framework
Prediction of stock price movement is regarded as a challenging task of financial time series prediction. Due to the complexity and massive financial market data, the research of deep learning approaches for predicting the...
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Quantum structural fluxion in superconducting lanthanum polyhydride.
The discovery of 250-kelvin superconducting lanthanum polyhydride under high pressure marked a significant advance toward the realization of a room-temperature superconductor. X-ray diffraction (XRD) studies reveal a...
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