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Two Variations of Peer Intermediaries for Key Establishment in Sensor Networks
Recently, the issue pertinent to sensor network security is a popular topic. Especially, due to the restriction of energy supplied by battery power of the sensors, symmetric cryptography is one of the suitable choices for the...
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Copy Move Forgery Detection Through Differential Excitation Component-Based Texture Features
Copy-move forgery (CMF) is an established process to copy an image segment and pastes it within the same image to hide or duplicate a portion of the image. Several CMF detection techniques are available; however, better...
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Impact of PDS Based kNN Classifiers on Kyoto Dataset
This article compares the performance of different Partial Distance Search-based (PDS) kNN classifiers on a benchmark Kyoto 2006+ dataset for Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS). These PDS classifiers are named based on...
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Bus Transit Network Structure Selection With Multiple Objectives
Bus transportation is the essential mode of public transportation available for intra-district movements in India. The planning of different stages of bus transportation planning is usually done in an ad-hoc manner on the basis...
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Becoming Interculturally Adaptable
The prevailing picture of intercultural adaptation among international student sojourners features a reified process of overcoming culture shock or culture-related stress and anxiety. In the context of increasing recruitment of...
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The Singing Classroom
Lori-Anne Dolloff
Nov 19, 2013
Singing is a powerful human activity. The intentional use of our body to create musical sounds is an intensely felt physical, spiritual and cognitive pursuit. When people sing songs, even at the most beginning level, they are...
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On the Cognitive Load of Online Learners With Multi-Level Data Mining
A lot of studies have shown that there is an “inverse U-curve” relationship between learners' grades and cognitive load. Learners' grades are closely related to their learning behavior characteristics on online learning. Is...
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Adaptive Fault Tolerant Resource Allocation Scheme for Cloud Computing Environments
Cloud computing is an optimistic technology that leverages the computing resources to offer globally better and more efficient services than the collection of individual use of internet resources. Due to the heterogeneous and...
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Security-Aware Routing on Wireless Communication for E-Health Records Monitoring Using Machine Learning
An ad hoc structure is self-organizing, self-forming, and system-free, with no nearby associations. One of the significant limits we must focus on in frameworks is leading. As for directions, we can send the packet or...
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