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Seeking the Wealth of Self
Michael George
Mar 16, 2022
Michael George teaches Religion and Culture, and Ethics at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He is interested in helping to promote the project of Integrative Bioethics, which he considers to be a possible...
Remembering Philip McShane
Michael Vertin
Mar 16, 2022
Michael Vertin is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Study of Religion, and Theology at St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto. He is a longtime student of Lonergan’s work and has edited four volumes of studies by...
Participatory Mapping and PGIS
Michael McCall
Jul 01, 2021
Applications of participatory mapping (PMapping) and PGIS to the mapping of local spatial knowledge are expanding; therefore, updated ethics and good practice improvements are needed. The intention here is to secern, or...
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Mobile-Assisted Language Learning
Michael Sletten
May 14, 2021
Learning a second language is challenging for anyone worldwide. When trying to learn a second language in a remote area of the world or under circumstances that do not allow for face-to-face learning, it becomes even more...
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Psychological Distance and Culture
Michael Roberts
Dec 27, 2019
This chapter introduces psychological distance into cultural studies as an alternative way of conceptualizing individual differences. Unlike most cross-cultural frameworks that are at the group level, psychological distance...
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China's Infrastructure Financing and the Role of Infrastructure in Awakening African Economies
Michael Ehizuelen
Jul 01, 2021
African economies, through Agenda 2063, recognize that developing infrastructure – transport, electricity, energy, water, and e-connectivity – will be critical for the region to assume a lasting place in the global economic...
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Addressing Algorithmic Bias in AI-Driven Customer Management
Research on AI has gained momentum in recent years. Many scholars and practitioners increasingly highlight the dark sides of AI, particularly related to algorithm bias. This study elucidates situations in which AI-enabled...
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LGBT College Student Career Development
LGBT college students need mentorship regarding their career development from their faculty members. This paper provides an informed approach, grounded in Social Cognitive Career Theory and supported by empirical research, for...
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The Agglomeration Mechanism of Network Emerging E-Eommerce Industry Based on Social Science
Jiali Wang, Yixin Dai
May 01, 2022
Network emerging e-commerce refers to the development of wireless broadband technology, smart terminal technology, near-field network, etc. as the driving force. It is the emerging e-commerce represented by the continuous...
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Identification of Potential Mpro Inhibitors for the Treatment of COVID-19 by Targeted Covalent Inhibition
A novel coronavirus is the causative agent identified for the current COVID-19 outbreak. Globally, more than 43 million people have been infected by this virus. The total number of deaths has surpassed 1.6 million across 210...
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A Methodological Approach to Assessment and Reporting of the Model Adequacy in Simulation Studies
Assessment and Reporting of Model Adequacy is an important step in the simulation modelling process. It stipulates the level of precision and accuracy, which are important features of the model predictions. In an academic...
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Stochastic Modelling of Weather-Related Transmission Line Outages
The physical environment around transmission lines plays a major role in the resulting reliability of the power network. The inclusion of weather in the failure and repair process will lead to realistic modelling of the power...
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Stochastic Model for Preventing Blackouts
Power system blackouts cause huge financial losses for the society and power utilities. Two types of blackouts have been identified. One involving load loss due to transmission lines reaching its limits and other involving...
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Fallacies in Decision Making From an Asian Perspective
Decision making is integral for organizational success, and for that, the basic tenet is rationality. Yet, no decisions in the workplace are purely rational. Irrational decision-making behaviours are the irrational beliefs of...
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Reliability Analysis of Keith Centrifuge at a Meat Processing Plant in Windhoek, Namibia
Critical equipment failures in a meat processing plant can shut down the business unit, resulting in a loss of output and financial loss. Furthermore, many stakeholders face risks because of equipment failures. The purpose of...
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Establishing and Testing a Quantitative Measure for Evolving Third-Place Characteristics
Third places offer and promote social experiences beneficial for building interpersonal relationships. This study has two goals: 1) establish a scale that tests if an environment is characteristic of third place characteristics...
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Uncertainty From Sampling
ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ISO 15189:2012 specify the requirements for the competence of laboratories. The former refers to laboratories in general, whose activities include testing, calibration and sampling followed by testing or...
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Real Economic Variables
Michael Shute
Sep 16, 2018
This essay seeks to give a homely start to the search for the relevant variables in economic science. It carries forward, through simple illustrations, the pointers of the first two essays. The invitation to you is to identify...
Observations of Chaotic Behaviour in Nonlinear Inventory Models
This article describes the use of simulation to investigate incipient chaotic behaviour in inventory models. Model structures investigated were either capacity limited or of variable delay time, implemented in discrete and...
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Identifying Surface Mine Extent Across Central Appalachia Using Time Series Analysis, 1984-2015
The Appalachians, and Central Appalachia in particular, have a long history of resource extraction including coal mining. In the past half century, the region experienced a shift from underground to surface mining, which leaves...
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Preparing to Read Economic History Functionally
Michael Shute
Sep 17, 2018
The article explores Lonergan’s use of the word ‘transition’ in For a New Political Economy as a basis for examining how we might read history functionally. The essay stresses the importance of developing standard models in...