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Can Perceived Ease of Use Improve M-Commerce Adoption?
In India, e-commerce sector is rising at an enormous pace, but even larger share is in the hands of offline retailers till now. A unique type of consumer behaviour has been seen because of the simple accessibility of the...
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The Novel Multi-Layered Approach to Enhance the Sorting Performance of Healthcare Analysis
Emergence of big data in today’s world leads to new challenges for sorting strategies to analyze the data in a better way. For most of the analyzing technique, sorting is considered as an implicit attribute of the technique...
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Study on Brain Tumor Classification Through MRI Images Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Brain tumor (Glioma) is one of the deadliest diseases that attack humans, now even men or women aged 20-30 are suffering from this disease. To cure tumor in a person, doctors use MRI machine, because the results of MRI images...
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Towards an Understanding of the Indian Tourist Buying Airbnb Services
Swati Sharma
Jul 01, 2021
The business ecosystem has changed drastically. Advances in information technology, access to the internet, and pervasive use of mobile phones have given a spurt to various new age businesses adopting new business models. The...
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Dynamic Combined Economic Emission Dispatch Including Wind Generators by Real Coded Genetic Algorithm
With the growing environmental depletion, the shift in the focus towards minimizing the emissions of gases released in the conventional generators and further incorporation of a cleaner alternate renewable source of energy such...
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How Do Digital Market Platform Hosts Exercise Control Over Sellers?
High speed connectivity, smart mobile devices, social media, and rapidly-proliferating end-user applications have given rise to digital markets. This paper investigates how digital market hosts exercise control over sellers. The...
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Optimization of Unit Commitment Problem Using Genetic Algorithm
The main objective of the paper is to minimize the use of conventional generators and optimize the fuel cost. To minimize the use of conventional generators, solar thermal power plant (STPP) is proposed in this paper. An...
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Short-Term Load Forecasting for a Captive Power Plant Using Artificial Neural Network
The irregularity of Indian grid system increases, with increase in the power demand. The quality of power supplied by the power grid is also poor due to continuous variation in frequency and voltage. To overcome this problem of...
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A Deadline-Constrained Time-Cost-Effective Salp Swarm Algorithm for Resource Optimization in Cloud Computing
Nowadays, Cloud Computing has become the most attractive platform, which provides anything as a Service (XaaS). Many applications may be developed and run on the cloud without worrying about platforms. It is a big challenge to...
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Fuzzy Evaluation of Agricultural Water Conservancy Facilities in Reuse
Amit Sharma, Shen Han
Jul 01, 2021
It is increasingly important to reuse the wastewater conservancy facilities, which can further promote the development of agricultural economy. The basis of full investigation and research on the wastewater conservancy...
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The Challenges Faced in Technology-Driven Classes During COVID-19
In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, social distancing became a mandate that led to the transition from traditional classroom-based lectures to computer-based learning. This paper extensively deals with the ranking of the...
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An Assessment of Culture Organizational and Managerial Effects
Organizational change, as well as failure, downsizing, mergers, and acquisitions, necessitates tactical development initiatives in relations of easy matters. Require business activity, which necessitates a high level of employee...
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E-Learning Theories, Components, and Cloud Computing-Based Learning Platforms
The student habit of using the digital platforms can be used to compliment the traditional learning methods. Specifically, designed digital learning platform can support the learning with convenience of time, place, and pace....
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Investigating Smartphone Brand Loyalty for Millennials and Gen Z
The purpose of this paper is to examine smartphone users' brand loyalty decisions across and within generation cohorts, Gen Z and Millennials, based on customer value theory. The study discovers value perceptions for the...
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Altering OWL Ontologies for Efficient Knowledge Organization on the Semantic Web
The increase in the number of users on the internet and the advancement in information technology have spiked the generation of information to an unprecedented level making information retrieval and web mining a difficult task....
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Antecedents of Wallet App Adoption
Emerging economies like India are witnessing rapid technological changes. To penetrate in the emerging markets and ensure smooth adoption of mobile wallets it is important to study the constructs that trigger mobile adoption....
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Vocal Folds Analysis for Detection and Classification of Voice Disorder
The detection and description of pathological voice are the most important applications of voice profiling. Currently, techniques like laryngostroboscopy or surgical microlarynoscopy are popularly used for the diagnosis of voice...
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An Enhanced Tabu Search Cell Formation Algorithm for a Cellular Manufacturing System
The major benefit of using Cellular manufacturing systems (CMS) is the improvement in efficiency and reduction in the production time. In a CMS the part families and machine parts are identified to minimise the inter and...
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Clustering-Based Recommendation System for Preliminary Disease Detection
The catastrophic outbreak COVID-19 has brought threat to the society and also placed severe stress on the healthcare systems worldwide. Different segments of society are contributing to their best effort to curb the spread of...
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The Impact of Fractional-Order Control on Blood Pressure Regulation
This paper presents a fractional-order framework for control of blood pressure regulation system. A new perspective is explored to control the blood pressure in lieu of the conventional control framework. A multi-variable...
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Deep Learning Approach for Voice Pathology Detection and Classification
A non-invasive cum robust voice pathology detection and classification architecture is proposed in the current manuscript. In place of the conventional feature-based machine learning techniques, a new architecture is proposed...
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Classification of Parkinson Disease Based on Analysis and Synthesis of Voice Signal
The most important application of voice profiling is pathological voice detection. Parkinson's disease is a chronic neurological degenerative disease affecting the central nervous system responsible for essentially progressive...
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In the recent trends, cloud computing service users agreed on the concept of pay and use model by accessing all the best services provided by the providers. The major problem here is that there is no standardization so that not...
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IoT-Based Intelligent Irrigation System for Paddy Crop Using an Internet-Controlled Water Pump
IoT is a communal association of things or equipment that can interact with each other with the help of an internet connection. IoT services play an imperative responsibility in the industry of agriculture, which can feed 10...
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Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks for Accurate Event Detection
Event detection at its initial stage is considerably most demanding and more importantly challenging to reduce the causes and damages. The GPS-enabled sensor nodes are possibly a solution for the location estimation, but having...
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