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Newcomer Integration and Academic Support in Newfoundland and Labrador
Xuemei Li, Hua Que
Dec 20, 2018
This article extracts eight points for discussion from many years of research in newcomer academic support and social integration in Newfoundland and Labrador. These points include: transportation to school for newcomer...
Do You Speak Chinese, Mandarin, or Cantonese? An Explanation Based on a Native Chinese Speaker’s Early Experience
Cheng Li
Dec 20, 2018
This article reports on my early experiences with learning and speaking varieties of Chinese, responding to the curious questions on the power relationship between Mandarin and other dialects in China today. A series of...
Tourism-Driven Mobilities
Mobilities discourse, regardless of its vital significance in day-to-day life, is under examined. It draws researchers' attention at theoretical level showing significant absence of empirical studies. The absence of a scale to...
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The Effect of Online Reviews on Movie Box Office Sales
Due to the rapidly growth of social media, potential moviegoers always depend on the online reviews to make their purchase decisions. Film companies need to know what aspects of reviews will drive sales up or down. This study...
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Newcomers, Creative Spaces, and Connection Through Art
Historically, the island of Newfoundland has had  a culturally homogeneous population. For this reason, newcomers report a distressing insider/outsider dynamic of disconnect and challenges accessing local social support systems...
Insights into the Origin of High Activity of Ni<sub>5</sub>P<sub>4</sub>(0001) for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction.
Hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) is directly relevant to green hydrogen production from water splitting. Recently, a low-cost Ni5P4 material has been demonstrated experimentally and theoretically to...
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Typological Parameters for the Lexica-syntactic Structures of High-digit Numerical Expressions
Cheng Luo
Jul 30, 2013
The objective of this paper is to explore the lexico-syntactic structure of high-digit numerical expressions (henceforth HDNEs), normally with 4 digits and more, and to propose a set of typological parameters to account for...
Grammatical Relations, Transitivity and Ergativity
Cheng Luo
Sep 05, 2013
Keenan and Comrie's Accessibility Hierarchy (AH) applied to clefting predicts greater c1eftability of subject (s U) than direct object (DO). However, in some Eastern Austronesian languages, particularly Tongan, some transitive...
The Impact of Automated Investment on Peer-to-Peer Lending
In the face of fierce competition, many peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms have introduced automated investment tools to serve customers better. Based on a large sample of data from, the authors studied the impact of...
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AI for Health-Related Data Modeling
Na Cheng
Jul 01, 2022
Data modeling of health-related data from Data Center (DC) has positive effects for health monitoring, disease prevention, and healthcare research. However, health-related data has the characteristics of huge, high-dimensional...
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Behavior Analysis of Customer Churn for a Customer Relationship System
This article describes how the bank industry in Taiwan must function in today's tough and fiercely competitive domestic credit card market and subdued global market. Banks are increasingly emphasizing the importance of retaining...
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Book Review
In recent years, wearable and mobile technologies have been applied in different domains such as medical, personal safety, sports, and lifestyle computing (Cheng & Mitomo, 2017). Wearable technologies may help users bring their...
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From Visual Culture in the Immersive Metaverse to Visual Cognition in Education
Hsiao-Cheng Han
May 22, 2020
This chapter discusses visual culture in the immersive metaverse through the visual cognition lens. Visual cognition pertains to how we learn through visual means. As educators, we should be aware of how our students learn...
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Challenges Encountered During Synchronous Online Collaborative Writing via Google Docs
Mufeeda Irshad
Nov 01, 2022
This study investigated (1) the challenges encountered by a heterogeneous group of first year undergraduates during a synchronous on-line collaborative writing activity conducted through Google Classroom using Google Docs and...
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Spammer Group Detection Using Machine Learning Technology for Observation of New Spammer Behavioral Features
Recently, the rapid growth in the number of customer reviews on e-commence platforms and in the amount of user-generated content has begun to have a profound impact on customer purchasing decisions. To counter the negative...
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User's Segmentation on Continued Knowledge Management System Use in the Public Sector
Chi-Cheng Huang
Jan 01, 2020
Knowledge management systems (KMS) can help an organization support knowledge management activities and thereby increase organizational performance. This study extends the expectation-confirmation model for predicting mandatory...
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Study on Water-Atmosphere Interface Distribution and Concentration Fluctuation Intensities of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Great Lake
In this study, the water-atmosphere interfaces distribution and concentration fluctuation intensities of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in Great Lake were analyzed. Based on the selected significant quantum descriptors...
Water Resources Security Evaluation Based on Matter Element Model in the Yellow River Basin
Water resource is a major limitation of human survival and development. Water security assessment is an important task in the environmental  protection and control of water. The solution to assess the grade of water security  in...
An Agent-based Simulation-optimization Coupling Approach for Device Allocation and Operation Control in Response to Offshore Oil Spills
The efficiency of offshore oil spill response not only relies on an efficaciously global decision/planning in devices combination and allocation, but also depends on the timely control for response devices (e.g., skimmers and...
Exploring the Influential Factors of Continuous Online Shopping Intention
Cheng-Mei Tung
Jan 01, 2022
This study explores consumers' continuous intention regarding online shopping in Taiwan. The technology acceptance model and expectation confirmation model are integrated to explore the influential factors in the continuous...
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From Visual Culture in the Immersive Metaverse to Visual Cognition in Education
Hsiao-Cheng Han
Dec 19, 2022
This chapter discusses visual culture in the immersive metaverse through the visual cognition lens. Visual cognition pertains to how we learn through visual means. As educators, we should be aware of how our students learn...
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A Study on Pollution in Livestock and Poultry Breeding in Shiyan City
With the investigation and research of agricultural ecology situation, the pollution characteristics of livestock manure were indicated by the statistical analysis of data as well as the effect of livestock and poultry breeding...
Do We Trust the Internet?
The threat profile of spyware is increasing rapidly when we consider the pervasiveness of computing in everyday life. The surreptitious nature of spyware can lead to information mining, data theft and exploitation of stolen...
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At the Juncture of TESL, Multicultural Education, and Newcomer Integration
Xuemei Li
Dec 20, 2018
Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) may not be a familiar term for many people in Newfoundland and Labrador, and TESL professionals in the province are a very small group. One can easily count the numbers of ESL...
Analysis of Differences in Electrochemical Performance Between Coin and Pouch Cells for <scp>Lithium‐Ion</scp> Battery Applications
Small coin cell batteries are predominantly used for testing lithium‐ion batteries (LIBs) in academia because they require small amounts of material and are easy to assemble. However, insufficient attention is given to...
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