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Extended Single-Iteration Fuzzy C-Means, and Gustafson-Kessel Algorithms for Medium-Sized (106) Multisource Weber Problem
An uncapacitated multisource Weber problem involves finding facility locations for known customers. When this problem is restated as finding locations for additional new facilities, while keeping the current facilities, a new...
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Communication Strategies of Entrepreneurial Organizations in Mobile Apps Industry
This research advances scholarly understanding of the strategic decisions regarding external communication during the critical period of product launch. Drawing on research about dynamic capabilities and external organizational...
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Implementing Social Media
Social media is an important avenue for information dissemination and public communication in emergency management. Through social media content analysis and in-depth interviews, this study explores how county level emergency...
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Practical Considerations on How to Document and Transcribe Multi-Modality Learning
Matthew Pittinsky
Jun 24, 2022
For the first time in its history, higher education is having to prove its value. Being able to communicate a learner's holistic set of experiences and competencies when they leave an institution is critical both now and in the...
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A Template for Defining Enterprise Modelling Constructs
The paper explains the need for a standard way of defining modelling constructs from different enterprise modelling languages and proposes a template for defining enterprise modelling constructs in a way that facilitates...
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Fuzzy Clustering With Derivative–Free Search Algorithm for Location of Biogas Energy Systems
In the past decades, new models and algorithms have been developed for solving various types of facility location problems using different versions of the fuzzy c-means algorithm and its hybrid combinations. On the other hand...
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The Use of Technological Innovations in Promoting Effective Humanitarian Aid
The number and scale of natural and man-made disasters is increasing at an unprecedented rate, leading to devastating consequences for citizens, governments and entire economies. In response, Humanitarian Supply Chains (HSC) are...
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Laying the First Transatlantic Cable
Matthew Alexander
Apr 09, 2013
In the early 1800s the electrical telegraph was developed to transmit written messages through a wire. By 1850 there was a submarine telegraph cable laid beneath the English Channel followed by a cable across the Cabot Strait in...
Copy Move Forgery Detection Through Differential Excitation Component-Based Texture Features
Copy-move forgery (CMF) is an established process to copy an image segment and pastes it within the same image to hide or duplicate a portion of the image. Several CMF detection techniques are available; however, better...
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Review of Matthew C. Altman and Cynthia D. Coe, The Fractured Self in Freud and German Philosophy. London
James Scott Johnston
Jan 04, 2019
Freud’s metapsychology is a product of post-Enlightenment thinking. This is the upshot of Altman and Coe’s well-researched The Fractured Self in Freud and German Philosophy. To get to this conclusion, Altman and Coe examine...
Incorporating Spirituality in the Classroom
This study tested the extent to which professors could be trained to help enhance students’ experiences of spirituality in their classes. Three areas of focus that may be important to incorporating spirituality into the...
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How to Manage Incompleteness of Nutritional Food Sources?
In order to correctly assess the nutritional quality of a raw or manufactured food product, the first step is to obtain the associated nutritional values. Food composition databases (FCDBs) managed at national level provide...
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