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Toward a Significant E-Voting Adoption Model
Technology, through internet use, has changed how citizens interact and communicate with their governments. However, in any society, a proportion of people cannot access this type of interaction due to digital divide issues....
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Social Media Big Data Analytics for Demand Forecasting
Social media big data offers insights that can be used to make predictions of products' future demand and add value to the supply chain performance. The paper presents a framework for improvement of demand forecasting in a...
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Credit Card Fraud Prediction Using XGBoost
With the development of technology, the internet and eCommerce online payment has become an essential mode of payment. Nowadays, credit card payment is a convenient mode of payment online as well as offline transactions. As...
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Leverage Structure Dynamics and Firm Value
The paper aims to examine the impact of leverage structure dynamics on firm value in Bangladesh. To this end, the panel techniques (GMM and PCSE) were used to control for serial correlation, heteroskedasticity, and...
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Analyzing Sentiments and Diffusion Characteristics of COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation Topics in Social Media
Mohammad Daradkeh
Jul 01, 2022
This study presents a data analytics framework that aims to analyze topics and sentiments associated with COVID-19 vaccine misinformation in social media. A total of 40,359 tweets related to COVID-19 vaccination were collected...
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Predicting Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in Urban Watersheds
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) concentration is significantly and adversely impacted by urbanisation. However, the processes that govern DO concentration in riverine environments are complex, difficult to understand and to model. In the...
Peak flow prediction using fuzzy linear regression
The 2013 floods in Alberta highlighted the need for better flood prediction. Though the mechanisms behind floods and extreme events in urban areas are understood and documented, the uncertainty in data during these events makes...
The Relationship Between Persuasion Cues and Idea Adoption in Virtual Crowdsourcing Communities
Mohammad Daradkeh
Jan 01, 2022
Building on the elaboration likelihood model (ELM) and absorptive capacity, this study develops a four-dimensional model of idea adoption in Virtual Crowdsourcing Communities (VCCs) and examines the influence of different...
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Trust in the Ride Hailing Service of the Sharing Economy
This paper examines the factors that influence customers’ trust in the ride hailing service (RHS). RHS faces legal, social, and safety concerns making trust critical in using RHS. Drawing on legitimacy and uncertainty reduction...
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Characterizing the Capabilities of Internet of Things Analytics Through Taxonomy and Reference Architecture
Mohammad Daradkeh
Jan 01, 2022
The increasing prevalence of business cases utilizing internet of things (IoT) analytics, coupled with the diversity of IoT analytics platforms and their capabilities, poses an immense challenge for organizations seeking to make...
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An Empirical Examination of the Relationship Between Data Storytelling Competency and Business Performance
Mohammad Daradkeh
Sep 01, 2021
With the proliferation of big data and business analytics practices, data storytelling has gained increasing importance as an effective means for communicating analytical insights to the target audience to support...
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Enhancing Smart System Platforms
Mohammad Khasawneh
Jan 01, 2022
Smart systems are going to transform the social life of modern society. Notwithstanding the benefits of these systems, its use is still low in developing world including Jordan. This study aims to construct a novel model to...
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Impact of Service Quality on Satisfaction
In this present work, Retail Service Quality Scale (RSQS) developed by Dabholkar et. al. (1996) has been used to measure service quality. For the purpose of examining the dimensionality of the scales a confirmatory factor...
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Impact of Outbound Logistics in Purchase Decision of Small Electronic Home Appliance Traders in Chittagong
Mohammad Ahmed
Jul 01, 2017
Outbound logistics focuses on the distribution to the point of sales, such as - collection, storage, and distribution systems etc. Marketers must understand – what the customer wants in terms of logistics and how it can create...
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Online Learning Effectiveness During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Mohammad Mahyoob
Oct 01, 2021
This paper is set out to explore the students’ attitudes towards online learning effectiveness using the Blackboard platform in three public Saudi universities (Taibah, Hail, and Al-Baha) during COVID 19 pandemic. It examines...
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A Modified-Range Directional Measure for Assessing the Sustainability of Suppliers by DEA/UTASTAR
Sustainability in the supply chain means considering environmental, social, and economic practices. Conventional data envelopment analysis (DEA) models deal with desirable, discretionary, and nonnegative data. However, there...
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Stochastic Inventory System With Different Rates of Production
This article analyzes a solitary item stochastic inventory model with two distinctive generation rates where a request pursues Poisson distribution and an item has a limited lifetime which is level dependent. It is expected that...
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Value Chain Mapping of Tourism in Birbhum
Tourism is one of the most enhancing and continuous developing economic sectors throughout the world. The main objective of the study is to develop a proper value chain mapping on Birbhum tourism, along with generation of...
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A Visual Saliency-Based Approach for Content-Based Image Retrieval
During the past two decades an enormous amount of visual information has been generated; as a result, content-based image retrieval (CBIR) has received considerable attention. In CBIR the image is used as a query to find the...
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Extending the Role of Diffusion of Innovation Theory (DOI) in Achieving the Strategic Goal of the Firm With the Moderating Effect of Cost Leadership
The information system literature has long emphasized the importance of employee acceptance of information technology for achieving strategic goal of the firm and organizational performance. Consequently, this study investigates...
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Mapping Out Indigenous and Racialized Critical Community-Based Perspectives and Experiences in the Time of COVID
The COVID-19 pandemic has had many implications for the lives, health, and well-being of Indigenous and racialized queer individuals and communities across the globe. In this article, three queer social workers (two Indigenous...
Realization of Agricultural Machinery Equipment Management Information System Based on Network
In order to study the role of information technology in the promotion of agricultural development and information in today's social and economic development of the most important strategic impact, on the basis of modern...
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Cuttings Transport Evaluation in Deviated Wells
Cuttings transport efficiency is a measure of the extent to which cuttings are carried to the surface from a drilled hole. It quantifies the success achieved in freeing a well of drilled cuttings. It is also related to the...