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Comparison Analysis of GLCM and PCA on Parkinson's Disease Using Structural MRI
Parkinson disease (PD) is a neurological disorder where the dopaminergic neurons experience deterioration. It is caused from the death of the dopamine neurons present in the substantia nigra i.e., the mid part of the brain. The...
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Study on Brain Tumor Classification Through MRI Images Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Brain tumor (Glioma) is one of the deadliest diseases that attack humans, now even men or women aged 20-30 are suffering from this disease. To cure tumor in a person, doctors use MRI machine, because the results of MRI images...
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Critical Condition Detection Using Lion Hunting Optimizer and SVM Classifier in a Healthcare WBAN
A timely critical condition detection and early notification are two essential requirements in a healthcare wireless body area network for the correct treatment of patients. However, most of the systems have limited capabilities...
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Assessment of the Endorsers of E-Business Practices for Food Supply Chain Performance Systems
Globalisation and changing lifestyle of the people has escalated the demand for the more product customisation, taste preferences and awareness about the usage of quality food commodities. Recent developments in the field of...
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A Modified GA-Based Load Balanced Clustering Algorithm for WSN
The prevalent applications of WSN have fascinated a plethora of research efforts. Sensor nodes have serious limitations such as battery lifetime, memory constraints, and computational capabilities. Clustering is an important...
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Exploring Customer Engagement on Social Networking Sites
The growth in popularity of social media and its perfunctory use by individuals throughout the day has sprouted the need to study Customer Engagement (CE) on Social Networking Sites (SNSs) from the consumer’s lens. To understand...
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