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Nonlinear Threshold Effects of Institutional Quality on Capital Flight
Over the years, capital flight is a major concern for the countries where institutional quality is severely deficient. Almost all the literature emphasized the role of institutional quality on development. However, a possible...
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Gedenkwort von 1991 für Ludwig Landgrebe
Klaus Held
Apr 27, 2021
Nach dem Tod von Ludwig Landgrebe am 14. August 1991 fand eine Wochespäter in seinem Wohnort Bergisch-Gladbach (nahe der Stadt Köln, an derenUniversität er gelehrt hatte) am 22. August ein Trauergottesdienst statt. DieFamilie...
Performance of Mutual Funds in India
Indian Mutual Fund Industry has witnessed enormous expansion in terms of growth of Assets under Management (AUM), from a meagre Rs. 25 crores in 1964 to Rs. 36.59 lakh crores in August 2021. Equity Multi-cap mutual funds tend to...
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Long Run and Short Run Linkages Between Credit and Output
An appropriate link between the financial sector and real sector is required to have a balanced growth and development of a country as well as its regional levels particularly for the countries whose financial developments are...
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Husserl und die „Philosophie der Philosophiegeschichte“
Peter Andras Varga
May 19, 2021
“Nichts lag Husserl ferner als Geschichte der Philosophie, denn die Wahrheit istnatürlich nicht interessiert an den Irrtümer der Vergangenheit“ – sagte HansJonas in einem Vortrag über Husserl und Heidegger. Jonas, der im SS 1921...
A Blockchain-Based Distributed Authentication System for Healthcare
The use of digital health records, stricter health laws and the growing need for health records exchange points towards the need for an efficient security and privacy preserving mechanism. For Health Insurance management...
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Understanding Organisational Effectiveness Through Sustainable Human Relations Approach
Organisational effectiveness undoubtedly depends on well-designed human resource practices which embrace vibrant industrial relations. The relations that exist between superior and subordinates in industrial establishments are...
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A Novel Fuzzy Logic-Based Improved Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Cuckoo Search (CS) algorithm is a nature-inspired optimization algorithm (NIOA) with less control parameters that is stable, versatile, and easy to implement. CS has good global search capabilities, but it is prone to local...
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Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Risk Management
The study aims to examine factors that influence the adoption-diffusion process of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) across manufacturing, wholesale trade, retail trade, and transportation...
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A Framework for Ranking Hospitals Based on Customer Perception Using Rough Set and Soft Set Techniques
Hospital ranking is a cumbersome task, as it involves dealing with a large volume of underlying data. Rankings are usually accomplished by comparing different dimensions of quality and services. Even the quality care measurement...
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Meta-Analysis of EMF-Induced Pollution by COVID-19 in Virtual Teaching and Learning With an Artificial Intelligence Perspective
Concerns about the health effects of frequent exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted from mobile towers and handsets have been raised because of the gradual increase in usage of cell phones and frequent setting up of...
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Volatility in Indian Stock Markets During COVID-19
The aim of the paper is to evaluate the impact of novel COVID-19 on the returns and volatility of Indian stock markets with special reference to equity investment strategies of Bombay Stock Exchange. For the purpose of...
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A Model of Cloud Forensic Application With Assurance of Cloud Log
The key concepts of digital forensic investigation in cloud computing are examination and investigation. Cybercriminals target cloud-based web applications due to presence of vulnerabilities. Forensic investigation is a complex...
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Adoption of E-Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has resulted in the complete disruption of the learning ecosystem across the world. The sudden shift from the class room learning to the use of virtual platforms has not...
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Examining the Impact of Regulation on Equity Multi-Cap Funds in India
Dr. Samyabrata Das
Jun 30, 2022
Economic growth is facilitated by a sound financial system. “Mutual funds are one of the main sources of capital flows to emerging economies”. “The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is the highly powerful capital...
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Evaluation of Diagnostic Performance of Machine Learning Algorithms to Classify the Fetal Heart Rate Baseline From Cardiotocograph
Cardiotocography (CTG) is the widely used cost-effective, non-invasive technique to monitor the fetal heart and mother’s uterine contraction pressure to assess the wellbeing of the fetus. The most important parameters of fetal...
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Binary Classification of COVID-19 CT Images Using CNN
COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world with such a force that the world's leading economies are finding it challenging to come out of it. Countries with the best medical facilities are even cannot handle the increasing number of...
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F.W.J. Schelling - On the Relationship of the Plastic Arts to Nature
Jason M. Wirth
Apr 05, 2022
This is Schelling’s most notable public address. Its length and difficulty prompt one to wonder how many of his audience were able to follow it, but it remains a seminal text to read and study, one that brings together in...
Clinical Decision Support System for Detection of Dengue
Dengue fever is caused due to the mosquito (Aedel aegypti) bite. The symptoms of this fever are similar to other fevers such as Malaria, Chikungunya and Zika. A common sign of Dengue fever is the sharp fall of blood platelet...
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Machine Learning Tool to Predict Student Categories After Outlier Removal
Statistical outlier detection techniques uses academic performance oriented results to find the truly brilliant as well as the weakest amongst a colony of students. Machine Learning allows further partitions within the remaining...
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Artificial Intelligent Embedded Doctor (AIEDr.)
This article focuses on the development of a diagnostic model for low back pain management, a mathematical model describing the cause of the disease and an inclusive hardware implementation with artificial intelligence (AI). It...
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Teardown Index
Replacing older homes with new ones constructed to higher efficiency standards is one way to raise the operating efficiency of building stocks. However, new buildings require large amounts of embodied energy to construct, and it...
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A Dynamic Strategy for Classifying Sentiment From Bengali Text by Utilizing Word2vector Model
In today's world, around 230 million people used the Bengali or Bangla language to communicate. These individuals are progressively associated with online exercises on famous micro-blogging and long-range interpersonal...
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