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The Expansion of Approximant /r/ in Dutch
Renée Van Bezooijen
Sep 30, 2014
In present-day Standard Dutch as spoken in the Netherlands, three main categories of pronunciation variants of Irl can be distinguished, namely alveolar /r/, uvular /r/, and approximant /r/. Approximant /r/, the focus of this...
Does the Technological Diversification and R&D Internationalization of eMNCs Promote Enterprise Innovation?
Jing Li, Jun Wang
Sep 01, 2021
Under the background of digital economy, technological diversification and R&D internationalization are important strategic choices for eMNCs, represented by China, to seek advanced technological resources and create competitive...
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A quantitative analysis 0f word-final /r/-deletion in Brazilian Portugese
Walcir Cardoso
Jul 18, 2013
This study provides a quantitative analysis for the process of word-final /r/-deletion in the dialect of Portuguese spoken in the city of Belem, in northern Brazil. Two linguistic and four extralinguistic factors are considered...
Explanatory Adequacy in Phonology
Eric Russell Webb
Aug 01, 2013
This work reexamines phonological variation particular to the /R/ of convergent French, departing from the hypothesis that a deductive approach to this question can offer explanatory advantages. In contrast to data-driven...
Vocal Folds Analysis for Detection and Classification of Voice Disorder
The detection and description of pathological voice are the most important applications of voice profiling. Currently, techniques like laryngostroboscopy or surgical microlarynoscopy are popularly used for the diagnosis of voice...
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Deep Learning Approach for Voice Pathology Detection and Classification
A non-invasive cum robust voice pathology detection and classification architecture is proposed in the current manuscript. In place of the conventional feature-based machine learning techniques, a new architecture is proposed...
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Classification of Parkinson Disease Based on Analysis and Synthesis of Voice Signal
The most important application of voice profiling is pathological voice detection. Parkinson's disease is a chronic neurological degenerative disease affecting the central nervous system responsible for essentially progressive...
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Dependency, Satisfaction, and Psycho-Social Characteristics as Correlates of Cell Phone Use by Library and Information Science Undergraduate Students
Adeyinka Tella
Apr 01, 2021
The study examined dependency, satisfaction, and psychosocial characteristics as correlates of cell phone use by library and information science (LIS) undergraduate students. Using survey, 253 undergraduates represent the sample...
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Relationship Between Physical Fitness Variables and Reaction Time in eSports Gamers
eSports gaming requires quick and accurate reactions in response to complex visual stimuli for optimal performance. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between components of physical fitness and reaction...
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An Empirical Study on the Network Model and the Online Knowledge Production Structure
Mass production has attracted much attention as a new approach to knowledge production. The R software system is a typical product of mass production. For its unique architecture, the R software system accurately recorded the...
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Selection of Important Features for Optimizing Crop Yield Prediction
In agriculture, crop yield prediction is critical. Crop yield depends on various features including geographic, climate and biological. This research article discusses five Feature Selection (FS) algorithms namely Sequential...
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Voicing the Wilderness
Ellen Waterman
Nov 19, 2013
A discussion of R. Murray Schafer's environmental music theatre is, inevitably, a discussion of culture. The outspoken composer, writer and educator is deeply engaged in the perennial Canadian question: what constitutes an...
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Towards an Understanding of the Indian Tourist Buying Airbnb Services
Swati Sharma
Jul 01, 2021
The business ecosystem has changed drastically. Advances in information technology, access to the internet, and pervasive use of mobile phones have given a spurt to various new age businesses adopting new business models. The...
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The Rumble in the Meson
Ben Allanach, Joe Davighi
Apr 12, 2023
Abstract We juxtapose global fits of two bottom-up models (an S3 scalar leptoquark model and a...
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Do the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) subject examinations predict success on the Medical Council of Canada qualifying examination (MCCQE) Part 1?
NBME subject examinations are used by many Canadian medical schools to evaluate students during their clerkship rotations. Although studies show strong correlations between NBME scores and the American licensing examination...
Open Innovation in R&D
Breakthrough innovations are crucial drivers of economic progress, often depending on external knowledge sources to complement internal knowledge. Co-patenting is one way to achieve this by implementing open innovation within...
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A Deadline-Constrained Time-Cost-Effective Salp Swarm Algorithm for Resource Optimization in Cloud Computing
Nowadays, Cloud Computing has become the most attractive platform, which provides anything as a Service (XaaS). Many applications may be developed and run on the cloud without worrying about platforms. It is a big challenge to...
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A Novel Approach for Semantic Web Application in Online Education Based on Steganography
Semantic Web technology is not new as most of us contemplate; it has evolved over the years. Linked Data web terminology is the name set recently to the Semantic Web. Semantic Web is a continuation of Web 2.0 and it is to...
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Occupational Stress and Psychological Health of Employees of University Libraries in Osun State, Nigeria
This study examined the influence of occupational stress on the psychological health of the employees of university libraries in Osun State, Nigeria. A random sample of 32 participants from selected university libraries in Osun...
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A Study on Strategic Directions of Drinking Water Security in Rural India
Padmanaban R
Feb 28, 2022
As one of the most important components of the Earth's hydrosphere, water consists of an inorganic chemical substance that is colourless, odourless, clear, and transparent. Even though it does not contain any calories or organic...
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The Impact of Effective Team Building in Workplace
Vivekananth. R
Apr 30, 2022
In the business world people who come with the organized to work toward a conjoint goal are called teams. The shared vision, cohesion, cooperation, mutual trust, and absolute transparency of the roles and also responsibilities...
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Fuzzy Evaluation of Agricultural Water Conservancy Facilities in Reuse
Amit Sharma, Shen Han
Jul 01, 2021
It is increasingly important to reuse the wastewater conservancy facilities, which can further promote the development of agricultural economy. The basis of full investigation and research on the wastewater conservancy...
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Learning the Practice of Understanding Myself
Kenneth Melchin
Mar 16, 2022
Kenneth R. Melchin is Emeritus Professor in the Faculty of Theology and Director of the Lonergan Centre at Saint Paul University, Ottawa. He has authored numerous publications including Spiritualizing Politics without...
Mining Agricultural Data to Predict Soil Fertility Using Ensemble Boosting Algorithm
Agriculture is the most important resource of livelihood and an emerging field the forms the backbone of India. Present challenges of the agriculture domain include uncertain climatic changes, poor irrigation facilities, weather...
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Automatic Text Summarization by Providing Coverage, Non-Redundancy, and Novelty Using Sentence Graph
The day-to-day growth of online information necessitates intensive research in automatic text summarization (ATS). The ATS software produces summary text by extracting important information from the original text. With the help...
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