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Dynamic Causality Among FDI, Economic Growth and CO2 Emissions in India With Open Markets and Technology Gap
This study examines the causality relationships between FDI, economic growth (in terms of GDP) and the natural environment, in terms of CO2 emissions and energy consumption, along with two more variables of interest i.e., trade...
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Island-Matrix Inhomogeneous Deformation Behavior, Formation of Deformation Band, and BUT Forming of DP Steel
Amit Rana, Partha Dey
Jan 01, 2022
Islands-Matrix-Dual-phase (I-M-DP) steel is received a great deal attention for better concern with the emissivity, fuel consumption and passengers safety. A number of deformation plasticity issues are yet to be fully...
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Adaptive Ontology-Based IoT Resource Provisioning in Computing Systems
The eagle expresses of cloud computing plays a pivotal role in the development of technology. The aim is to solve in such a way that it will provide an optimized solution. The key role of allocating these efficient resources and...
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Application-Specific Discriminant Analysis of Cardiac Anomalies Using Shift-Invariant Wavelet Transform
Automatic arrhythmia detection in electrocardiogram (ECG) using supervised learning has gained significant considerations in recent years. This paper projects the performance analysis of classifiers such as support vector...
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E-Marketing Mix Variables to Create Online Brand Equity in the Indian Context
This paper is an attempt to investigate and empirically validate e-marketing mix framework creating online brand equity suitable for adaptation in the Indian context. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis are used to...
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Exploring DSS for Personality Assessment
The research has been undertaken with the objective of studying the factors of personality and its impact on organization citizenship behaviour (OCB) among information technology (IT) sector employees. The study will help human...
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Sentiment Weighted Word Embedding for Big Text Data
Sentiment analysis is the practice of eliciting a sentiment orientation of people's opinions (i.e. positive, negative and neutral) toward the specific entity. Word embedding technique like Word2vec is an effective approach to...
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Social Media User-Influencer Congruity
This paper explores and inspects the effect of user-influencer congruence on social media platforms para-social relationships and consumer brand engagement (COBRA). In addition, the paper inspects the influence of para-social...
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Factors Influencing the Acceptance and Adoption of Online Learning in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Educational systems worldwide have been forced into shifting to online learning during COVID-19 pandemic. This decision faced diverse challenges, especially in underdeveloped countries that still use traditional teaching...
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Topic Sensitive User Clustering Using Sentiment Score and Similarity Measures
Social media data (SMD) is driven by statistical and analytical technologies to obtain information for various decisions. SMD is vast and evolutionary in nature which makes traditional data warehouses ill suited. The research...
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