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Ambidextrous Learning in Buyer-Supplier Relationships
Achieving competitive advantage in a dynamic environment requires firms to exploit their current capabilities and explore new opportunities through innovation. Organizational learning theory refers to these two types of focused...
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Incomplete reporting of complex interventions
Reporting of intervention research has been inadequate for many years. The development and promotion of freely available checklists aims to address this problem by providing researchers with a list of items that require...
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Virtual Reality in the Language Learning Classroom
Ryan Morrison
Mar 17, 2017
As a Language Teacher in an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program, one of the most prominent issues in my classroom is distraction from electronic devices, namely mobile smartphones. Typically, this is not just an issue in...
An ‘Amuse-Bouche at Best'
Paul Moody
Jul 01, 2017
Much has been written about the function of narrative in virtual reality (VR) productions (Aylett & Louchart, 2003; Aylett et al, 2005; Ryan, 2001; 2005; 2008; 2009), but the role of the audience, and the relative degree of...
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Improving Park Maintenance Efficiency Using a Mobile Application
This article describes the construction and evaluation of a mobile application for use by park maintenance personnel that features an interactive map allowing for real time positioning of the user in relation to equipment...
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Enacting Care-Ful Engagement in the (Post)Pandemic Care-Less University
There is a strong link between student engagement and successful educational outcomes which is driven by the actions of and interactions with educators. In the context of pandemic pedagogies, many educators have taken on...
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Relational Benefits as Predictors of Relationship Quality Outcomes in Online Retailing
The present study examines the extent to which structural assurance mechanisms and economic benefits of online shopping are used by online shoppers as cues to infer the relational benefits of confidence and special treatment...
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Crossing the Strait of Belle Isle
Ryan Andrew Coady
Apr 09, 2013
The Strait of Belle Isle is the body of water separating the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland and the Southeast Coast of Labrador. The Strait has a strong current dominantly along the Labrador coast line, this current is known...
Gedanken über die Religion: Der “stille” Krieg zwischen Schelling und Schleiermacher (1799–1807), by Ryan Scheerlinck, Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt
The title of Scheerlinck’s study on the relationship between two of the most important thinkers of Romanticism, the philosopher F.W.J. Schelling and the theologian F.D.E. Schleiermacher, undoubtedly alludes to the latter’s main...
An Exploration of Esports Consumer Consumption Patterns, Fandom, and Motives
Esports, or competitive gaming, has become a large market in the entertainment industry, with a total market value approaching $1 billion USD in 2019. An understanding of esports consumers has become increasingly important as...
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