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Do Materialistic Consumers Buy More During the COVID-19 Pandemic?
This study investigates the mediated moderating relationship of self-concept clarity, materialism, and social consumption motivation in the context of Covid-19 pandemic based on the terror management theory. The findings suggest...
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Perceptions of Machine Translation and Computer-Aided Translation by Professionals and the General Public
Binhua Wang, Yuan Ping
Jul 01, 2020
This article examines perceptions of MT and CAT among translation professionals and the general public by surveying 124 articles published in the professional journals of ITI Bulletin and MultiLingual and in the Chinese media...
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Relationship Between Computer-Mediated Communication Competence and Attitude Toward Using Frog VLE Among Secondary School Teachers
Siew Oh, Yan Chua
Aug 02, 2021
This study aims at examining the relationship between teacher computer-mediated communication (CMC) competence and teacher attitude toward using Frog VLE a virtual learning platform. This is a non-experimental research using a...
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Online Music Style Recognition via Mobile Computing
Lizhu Yuan, Yue Zhang
Apr 01, 2022
Music is a widely used data format in the explosion of Internet information. Automatically identifying the style of online music in the Internet is an important and hot topic in the field of music information retrieval and music...
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Examining the Effect of Positive Online Reviews on Consumers' Decision Making
Lin Xiao, Yuan Li
Jul 01, 2019
Online reviews play an important role in consumers' decision making. However, limited studies have been conducted to understand the effects of online reviews on consumers' behavior. Drawing upon the Elaboration Likelihood Model...
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Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior in Omni-Channel Marketing of the Fitness Industry
The Online to offline (O2O) model has been used as an important strategy for marketers to rethink their Omni-Channel marketing recently. Perceived factors have been studied to investigate the factors that really influence...
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Examining Voluntary Engagement Barriers in Knowledge Sharing Practices for Supply Chain Innovation
Voluntary engagement (VE) creates a sense of coordination and harmonization to share knowledge. The eminence of knowledge sharing (KS) for supply chain (SC) innovation is undeniable to initiate development in products, services...
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The Restorative Effects of Virtual Reality Forests on Elderly Individuals During the COVID-19 Lockdown
This study focuses on the restorative effects of immersive virtual reality (VR) forest experiences on elderly people during the COVID-19 lockdown. A field experiment with 63 elderly participants was conducted in an elderly care...
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Maximum-Entropy-Based Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory and Its Application in Emergency Management
Decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL) can visualize the structure of complex causal relationships, so it is widely used in decision making. One of the important steps in DEMATEL is normalization, and it has...
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Research on Linear Programming Algorithm for Mathematical Model of Agricultural Machinery Allocation
The objective of this paper is to study the linear programming algorithm of the mathematical model of agricultural machinery allocation when there are many farmland projects and cross operations. In this paper, combined with the...
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Market Orientation, Alliance Governance, and Innovation
Relying on resource dependence theory and transaction cost economics, this article discusses the important role of alliance governance as a mediating mechanism in the relationship between market orientation and innovation, and...
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Impact of Capabilities on Firm Value Offering in the E-Commerce Service Setting
E-commerce and online shopping have changed the retail environment. At present, companies rely on extensive customization of information systems and business processes in order to provide enhanced online customer service...
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Engaging with Songs
This presentation describes how singing is re-ignited in Singapore primary schools through the professional development initiative by Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts (STAR). Singing brings joy to the child and often...
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A Modification-Free Steganography Algorithm Based on Image Classification and CNN
In order to improve the data-embedding capacity of modification-free steganography algorithm, scholars have done a lot of research work to meet practical demands. By researching the user's behavioral habits of several social...
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The Key Research and Application in Grid Planning Using Improved Genetic Algorithm
In order to guarantee the power grid operation under the premise of reliability and stability, acquire relative economic investment and operating cost, and adaptable to all kinds of change flexibly, this article improves the...
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Research on Threat Information Network Based on Link Prediction
The study of complex networks is to discover the characteristics of these connections and to discover the nature of the system between them. Link prediction method is a classic in the study of complex networks. It ca not only...
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Influencing Factors of Enterprise Intelligent Manufacturing Based on the Three Stages of Intelligent Manufacturing Ecosystems
Intelligent manufacturing is an important method for transforming and upgrading enterprise intelligence. Studying the influencing factors of enterprises, intelligent manufacturing can help enterprises formulate more targeted...
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Lane Detection Algorithm Based on Road Structure and Extended Kalman Filter
Lane detection still demonstrates low accuracy and missing robustness when recorded markings are interrupted by strong light or shadows or missing marking. This article proposes a new algorithm using a model of road structure...
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Despite the enormous number of online docking services available, consumers sometimes struggle to discover the services they require from time to time. On the other hand, when finding matching or recommendation platforms from an...
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An Improved Cuckoo Search Algorithm With Stud Crossover for Chinese TSP Problem
The travelling salesman problem (TSP) is an NP-hard problem in combinatorial optimization. It has assumed significance in operations research and theoretical computer science. The problem was first formulated in 1930 and since...
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Review of Consumer-to-Consumer E-Commerce Research Collaboration
This study uses a content analysis method to systematically review 83 research papers from 2002-2018 to explore consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce research trends. The findings of this study indicate that (1) C2C e-commerce...
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The Study of Para-Social Interaction With E-Word-of-Mouth for Influencer Marketing by Complex Computing
The purpose of this study was focused on exploring the relationship among the fans’ preferences, fans’ para-social interaction, and fans’ word-of-mouth. A survey consisted of 21 items based on the literature review and developed...
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