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The Facilitative Effect of Impulsiveness on the Dark Triad and Social Network Sites Addiction
This research investigated the relationships of the Dark Triad, impulsiveness, and social network sites (SNS) addiction with adolescents. In particular, this research examined the indirect effects of the measured motor...
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Fuzzy Ontology-Based Querying User' Requests Under Uncertain Environment
Mohamed Omri
Jul 01, 2020
Assistance with the use of technical devices is required as soon as the tasks to be performed become complex. This assistance is also needed as soon as the authors provide assistance to users to find solutions to incidents that...
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Development of Innovative Business of Telecommunication Operator
Mobile operators globally are endeavoring to expand beyond legacy communications/media business to create new growth engine based on information and communication technology (ICT). This research studies the case of KT to see how...
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Precocious Posts, Perpetual Beginnings
Peter Trnka
Nov 11, 2021
Welcome to the collective global expression Janus Unbound. There are many taking part, from all over. Multiples of multitudes, cells of groups, in bubbles even. Possessed by no one. Coming together by chance, struggle, and...
The Tidal Current Turbine Energy Project in the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve
Erika Lee Brown
Apr 09, 2013
There is a predicted potential of 42 000MW stored in tidal energy off the coast of Canada which remains widely untapped by the energy industries.Although there has been significant research and development done in the tidal...
Analyzing the Evolution of Interdisciplinary Areas
Won Lee
Jan 01, 2022
Recently, various new areas of research have been of great interest to researchers. As these areas are highly based on academic and industrial needs, it is necessary to examine the change and evolution in research. This study...
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COVID-19 Vaccine Ranking Using ANP Method
Wuhan Province in China reported the first case of novel corona virus as pneumonia outbreak during December 2019. The novel coronavirus was soon declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. On 16th of July 2021, the...
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Revisiting the Effect of Urbanization on Residential Electricity Consumption
Under the background of electrification, it is significant to explore the changes in residential electricity consumption for energy conservation and emission reduction. Based on the staggered difference-in-difference (DID)...
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Promoting Mobile Health Adoption to Hospital Patients Through Social Influencers
Daisy Lee, Gary Chong
Oct 01, 2021
Mobile health (mHealth) plays a key role in improving healthcare interventions by engaging patients in healthcare management. Still, there is a paucity of empirical studies on the extent to which mHealth adoption could be...
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Modelling the Effects of Chemical Dispersant on the Fate of Spilled Oil
The proposed Energy East pipeline project has raised concerns about potential oil spills in Saint John, New Brunswick, due to increased tanker traffic. While environmental conditions such as strong tide and current could pose...
A Case Study on Integrating a Facebook Group Into a Computer Programming Course
Hasan Tinmaz, Jin Lee
Oct 01, 2021
The researchers conducted a study in a ‘Computer Programming’ course of three engineering departments (Civil, Industrial and Mechatronics) in a Turkish private university (n=240). A closed Facebook group was set up for serving...
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Recommendations for Crowdsourcing Services Based on Mobile Scenarios and User Trajectory Awareness
Jie Su, Jun Li
Jan 01, 2022
With the rapid development of the mobile internet and the rapid popularization of smart terminal devices, types and content of services are changing with each passing day, these bring serious mobile information overload problems...
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Predicting User Satisfaction of Mobile Healthcare Services Using Machine Learning
Outbreak of the COVID-19 leads to rapid development of the mobile healthcare services. Given that user satisfaction is of great significance in inducing marketing success in competition markets, this research explores and...
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Performance Characteristics of Discrete-Time Queue With Variant Working Vacations
P. Laxmi, Rajesh P.
Apr 01, 2020
This article analyzes an infinite buffer discrete-time single server queueing system with variant working vacations in which customers arrive according to a geometric process. As soon as the system becomes empty, the server...
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Evaluation of Multi-Peer and Self-Assessment in Higher Education
David Hassell, Kok Lee
Jan 01, 2020
This article presents an evaluation of the use of peer and self-assessment as part of the learning process in a public speaking assessment coursework, with students from two departments taking part. Students were assessed by...
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Ballot Blockchain System Design and Development on Ethereum Platform
Ballots are often hold for fair decisions such as party theme selecting, however, the existing traditional ballot has some problems involving amount of human resources, cost of places, equipment, time and traffic, and repeated...
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Determinants of Consumption Behaviors of Korean Pop Culture in Taiwan
This paper presents a qualitative analysis of associations between intrinsic (e.g., functional), extrinsic (e.g., social) and cultural consumption values, and consumption behavior of Korean pop cultural contents (KPCC) in...
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Research and Analysis of a Real Estate Virtual E-Commerce Model Based on Big Data Under the Background of COVID-19
Delong Zhu
Nov 01, 2021
The sudden attack of the new crown virus in 2020 has brought an unprecedented impact on the real estate market economy and has completely disrupted people's work and life rhythm! With the rapid development of the Internet, the...
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A Rule-Based Quality Analytics System for the Global Wine Industry
The global wine-making industry has faced challenges due to the increasing demands of consumers, particularly in emerging markets such as China, Brazil, India, and Russia. Controlling the quality during wine production is one of...
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