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The Moderating Role of Gender on Pathos and Logos in Online Shopping Behavior
Many research studies and observations have made it evident that there exists a difference between the shopping behavior of the male and female. The objective of this research paper is to explore the moderation effect of gender...
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Antecedents of Wallet App Adoption
Emerging economies like India are witnessing rapid technological changes. To penetrate in the emerging markets and ensure smooth adoption of mobile wallets it is important to study the constructs that trigger mobile adoption....
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An Assessment of Culture Organizational and Managerial Effects
Organizational change, as well as failure, downsizing, mergers, and acquisitions, necessitates tactical development initiatives in relations of easy matters. Require business activity, which necessitates a high level of employee...
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Vehicle Type Classification Using Hybrid Features and a Deep Neural Network
Currently, considerable research has been done in vehicle type classification, especially due to the success of deep learning in many image classification problems. In this research, a system incorporating hybrid features is...
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Towards an Understanding of the Indian Tourist Buying Airbnb Services
Swati Sharma
Jul 01, 2021
The business ecosystem has changed drastically. Advances in information technology, access to the internet, and pervasive use of mobile phones have given a spurt to various new age businesses adopting new business models. The...
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Process Optimization and NVA Reduction by Network Analysis and Resequencing
Anand Sunder
Jan 01, 2019
The article discusses a methodology to reduce cycle times through an algorithmic, analytical framework for sequential process flows. Studying process flow flexibility for reducing bottlenecks has always continued to open new...
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Factor Affecting Innovation Performance of Manufacturing Firms
In the knowledge-based economy, creation, management, and dissemination of knowledge in an organized way will certainly enhance the innovative practices of companies in any country. This article has tried to explore the impact...
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Comparison Between Offline and Online Distribution Practices for the Insurance Industry in India
Insurance has been the back bone of Indian society and economy. For India, a developing country, insurance does serve the need to a limited extent as social security practices are absent in India compared to foreign nations....
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Forecasting of Electricity Demand by Hybrid ANN-PSO Models
Developing economies need to invest in energy projects. Because the gestation period of the electric projects is high, it is of paramount importance to accurately forecast the energy requirements. In the present paper, the...
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A Visual Saliency-Based Approach for Content-Based Image Retrieval
During the past two decades an enormous amount of visual information has been generated; as a result, content-based image retrieval (CBIR) has received considerable attention. In CBIR the image is used as a query to find the...
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Hotel Guests' Perceptions of Green Technology Applications, and Practices in the Hotel Industry
Although sustainability and technology are two major concerns in the lodging industry, sustainability applications and practices are quite new and in need of more research. This study was conducted to examine and understand...
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Artificial Bee Colony and Deep Neural Network-Based Diagnostic Model for Improving the Prediction Accuracy of Diabetes
A large number of machine learning approaches are implemented in healthcare field for effective diagnosis and prediction of different diseases. The aim of these machine learning approaches is to build automated diagnostic tool...
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A Rule-Based Monitoring System for Accurate Prediction of Diabetes
Diabetes is a chronic disease that can affect the life of people due to high sugar level in their blood. The sugar level is increased due to a lack of production of insulin in the human body. Large numbers of people are affected...
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Brain Tumour Segmentation in FLAIR MRI Using Sliding Window Texture Feature Extraction Followed by Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
In this paper, a hybrid approach using sliding window mechanism followed by fuzzy c means clustering is proposed for the automated brain tumour extraction. The proposed method consists three phases. The first phase is used for...
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A Methodological Approach for Mining the User Requirements Using Apriori Algorithm
Users of enterprise software are multiple, and their requirements are diverse. Often their specifications are masked by mundane details and at times are vague too. Acknowledging these complexities in requirements engineering...
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Collaboration Network Analysis Based on Normalized Citation Count and Eigenvector Centrality
In the research community, the estimation of the scholarly impact of an individual is based on either citation-based indicators or network centrality measures. The network-based centrality measures like degree, closeness...
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Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition System Using Multi-Modal Features
Due to the highly variant face geometry and appearances, Facial Expression Recognition (FER) is still a challenging problem. CNN can characterize 2-D signals. Therefore, for emotion recognition in a video, the authors propose a...
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Robust Face Recognition Under Partial Occlusion Based on Local Generic Features
Face recognition has drawn significant attention due to its potential use in biometric authentication, surveillance, security, robotics, and so on. It is a challenging task in the field of computer vision. Although the various...
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The Role of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Decisions and the Herbal Formulations Against COVID-19
COVID-19 causes global health problems, and new technologies have to be established to detect, anticipate, diagnose, screen, and even trace COVID-19 by all health care experts. Several database searches are carried out in this...
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An Improved and Adaptive Approach in ANFIS to Predict Knee Diseases
Artificial intelligence is emerging as a persuasive tool in the field of medical science. This research work also primarily focuses on the development of a tool to automate the diagnosis of inflammatory diseases of the knee...
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A Texture Features-Based Robust Facial Expression Recognition
Facial expression plays an important role in communicating emotions. In this paper, a robust method for recognizing facial expressions is proposed using the combination of appearance features. Traditionally, appearance features...
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A Novel Method for Despeckling of Ultrasound Images Using Cellular Automata-Based Despeckling Filter
Ultrasound images have an inherent property termed as speckle noise that is the outcome of interference between incident and reflected ultrasound waves which reduce image resolution and contrast and could lead to improper...
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Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty for Online Food Service Providers in Jharkhand State
In the food sector, customer have been voting by their feet since ages. However, due to the technological changes clubbed with present COVID-19 pandemic, the trend has changed rapidly. Customers are confined to their home and...
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Hurricane Damage Detection From Satellite Imagery Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Hurricanes are one of the most disastrous natural phenomena occurring on Earth that cause loss of human lives and immense damage to property as well. For assessment of this damage, windshield survey is commonly used, which is an...
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Analysis of Regular Patterns in Un-Weighted Directed Graphs
Time evolving networks tend to have an element of regularity. This regularity is characterized by existence of repetitive patterns in the data sequences of the graph metrics. As per our research, the relevance of such regular...
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