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Monocular Depth Matching With Hybrid Sampling and Depth Label Propagation
Ye Hua, Qu Long, Li Jin
Apr 25, 2022
This paper proposes a monocular depth label propagation model, which describes monocular images into depth label distribution for the target classification matching. 1) Depth label propagation by hybrid sampling and salient...
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Generalized Ordered Weighted Simplified Neutrosophic Cosine Similarity Measure for Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making
Jun Ye
Jan 01, 2020
The paper proposes a generalized ordered weighted simplified neutrosophic cosine similarity (GOWSNCS) measure by combining the cosine similarity measure of simplified neutrosophic sets (SNSs) with the generalized ordered...
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WeChat Mobile Library Service in Chinese Academic Libraries
Hua Liu
Jan 01, 2021
This paper introduces the WeChat mobile library service programme at Shanghai University Library and identifies problems and resolutions by reviewing the development process and experience and user feedback. A case study was...
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Soybean Price Pattern Discovery Via Toeplitz Inverse Covariance-Based Clustering
Hua Deng, Yǔ Sūn
Oct 01, 2019
The high volatility of world soybean prices has caused uncertainty and vulnerability particularly in the developing countries. The clustering of time series is a serviceable tool for discovering soybean price patterns in...
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Factors Affecting User Intention to Pay via Online Medical Service Platform
With regard to platform performance and trust, we study the influencing factors of users’ intention to pay on an online medical service platform. Results of this paper will provide a new perspective for online medical service...
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Implementation of Data Mining Technology in Bonded Warehouse Inbound and Outbound Goods Trade
For the taxed goods, the actual freight is generally determined by multiplying the allocated freight for each KG and actual outgoing weight based on the outgoing order number on the outgoing bill. Considering the conventional...
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Research on Decision-Making Based on the Three-Party Evolutionary Game of Tourists, Scenic Spots, and Government
Xincai Ye, Lin Miao
Mar 22, 2022
The continuous upsurge of tourism consumption activities has promoted economic development, but at the same time, it has also produced numerous problems, such as low-quality service and high admission prices at scenic spots...
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On the system of numeration in Efik
Eyo O. Mensah
Oct 05, 2013
This paper is a response to Olderroge 1984 that Efik does not have a system of number beyond one thousand, since according to the claim, the word for thousand in Efik is tosin, a recent borrowing from English and assimilated...
Research of Image Recognition of Plant Diseases and Pests Based on Deep Learning
Deep learning has attracted more and more attention in speech recognition, visual recognition and other fields. In the field of image processing, using deep learning method can obtain high recognition rate. In this paper, the...
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Newcomer Integration and Academic Support in Newfoundland and Labrador
Xuemei Li, Hua Que
Dec 20, 2018
This article extracts eight points for discussion from many years of research in newcomer academic support and social integration in Newfoundland and Labrador. These points include: transportation to school for newcomer...
Circular LBP Prior-Based Enhanced GAN for Image Style Transfer
Image style transfer (IST) has drawn broad attention recently. At present, convolutional neural network (CNN)-based methods and generative adversarial network (GAN)-based methods have been broadly utilized in IST. However, the...
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On Cost-Aware Heterogeneous Cloudlet Deployment for Mobile Edge Computing
Edge computing undertakes downlink cloud services and uplink terminal computing tasks, data interaction latency and network transmission cost are thus significantly reduced. Although a lot of research has been conducted in...
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The Impact of Information and Communication Technology Factors on the User Intention to Participate in the Sharing Economy
The purpose of this paper is to examine the effects of system and interaction quality, security factors, trust and perceived ease to use on the user intention to participate in the sharing economy. Information and communications...
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Teaching Diversity
The province’s five-year action plan to attract more immigrants into the province (Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, n.d.) indicates an increase in the number of newcomer students in our education system. Most of these...
Effects of Internet Use on Well-Being in Rural China
Xu Ye, Zhen Wang, Ding Li
Jan 01, 2022
Given the rapid development of internet and dramatic change it has brought to human life, this study examines the effect of internet use on well-being in rural China. Findings indicate that the act of engaging with internet and...
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A Multi-Objective Differential Evolutionary Optimization Method for Performance Optimization of Cloud Application
Due to the limited search space in the existing performance optimization ap-proaches at software architectures of cloud applications (SAoCA) level, it is difficult for these methods to obtain the cloud resource usage scheme with...
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The Facilitative Effect of Impulsiveness on the Dark Triad and Social Network Sites Addiction
This research investigated the relationships of the Dark Triad, impulsiveness, and social network sites (SNS) addiction with adolescents. In particular, this research examined the indirect effects of the measured motor...
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Factors Affecting Woman's Continuance Intention for Mobile Games
The article finds the main factors affecting women's continuance intention for mobile games, and analyze how and to what extent these factors affect women's continuance intention for mobile games in a research model. In this...
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The Online Betting Behavior of Sport Lottery Consumers
The sports lottery industry is growing globally, especially in the online betting market. This study focuses on online sports lottery behavior and tries to propose a framework applied in a virtual environment. Based on the...
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Reading Both Single and Multiple Digital Video Clocks Using Context-Aware Pixel Periodicity and Deep Learning
This article presents an algorithm for reading both single and multiple digital video clocks by using a context-aware pixel periodicity method and a deep learning technique. Reading digital video clocks in real time is a very...
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Factors Affecting Woman's Continuance Intention for Mobile Games
The article finds the main factors affecting women's continuance intention for mobile games, and analyze how and to what extent these factors affect women's continuance intention for mobile games in a research model. In this...
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Are Entrepreneurial Capabilities and Prior Knowledge the Silver Bullet for the Generation of New Digital Venture Ideas in a Digital Context?
Digital technology has had changed the uncertain nature of the process of new venture idea generation, and it has also brought unprecedented opportunities for the generation of new digital venture ideas. To explore how startups...
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Influence of Information and Service Quality on Users' Continuous Use of Mobile Libraries in China
This research mainly aims to explore the factors that influence users' continuous use of mobile libraries. The findings of this study will provide empirical evidence to help improve the service and information quality of mobile...
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API Recommendation Based on WII-WMD
Improving software development efficiency based on existing APIs is one of the hot researches in software engineering. Understanding and learning so many APIs in large software libraries is not easy and software developers...
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Asymmetric parameter enhancement in the split-ring cavity array for virus-like particle sensing.
Quantitative detection of virus-like particles under a low concentration is of vital importance for early infection diagnosis and water pollution analysis. In this paper, a novel virus detection method is proposed using indirect...
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