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Paratext Analysis of Patronage Factors
Hu Liu
Jan 01, 2021
Drawing on André Lefevere's rewriting theory, this paper endeavours to explore how Howard Goldblatt translates Mo Yan's novel Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out (hereafter referred to as L&D) with regard to patronage control by...
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API Recommendation Based on WII-WMD
Improving software development efficiency based on existing APIs is one of the hot researches in software engineering. Understanding and learning so many APIs in large software libraries is not easy and software developers...
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Will Environmental Regulation Narrow the Gap in Regional Economic Growth?
Empirical studies have shown that China's Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law (APPCL2000), as an environmental regulation, has significantly alleviated the air pollution problem and improved the TFP of air polluting...
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Construction and Optimization of Green Supply Chain Management Mode of Agricultural Enterprises in the Digital Economy
Jiang Hu, Xuetao Li
Apr 01, 2022
Digital economy is a rapidly developing economic form under the background of the information age. This article introduces the construction and optimization of the green supply chain management model of agricultural enterprises...
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Two Case Studies of Topic-Related Multidimensional Reading Services in China
This article provides a brief summary of the development of topic-related multidimensional reading services in academic libraries in China. The authors mainly introduce the methods and practices that Tongji University Library...
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Autocorrelation Regression Model Analysis and Selection of Cross-Border RMB Settlement From 2011 to 2020
With China's continuous opening to the outside world, changes in the international environment and the operation of the cross-border RMB settlement system (CIPS), the scale of cross-border RMB settlement has fluctuated...
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The Register Variation in Translated Epidemic Prevention Manuals as Emergency Language Services
Using Biber's MD model, this paper investigates the register variation in crisis translation and discovers that learned exposition is the text type that comes closest to crisis translation. Crisis translation has “explicit” and...
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Research on System Risks of “Internet + Supply Chain Finance” Based on SNA, Dynamic Evolutionary Game, and Bayesian Learning Principle Simulation
Under the background of "Internet +", the supply chain financial model and process have undergone profound changes. Firstly, through the social network analysis, the correlation between the participants in the Internet + supply...
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Internet of Things-Enabled Crop Growth Monitoring System for Smart Agriculture
In order to solve the problems of high cost and difficult management of traditional agricultural planting, internet of things (IoT) technology was applied to realize real-time detection and intelligent management of crop growth...
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Empirical Comparative Study of Wearable Service Trust Based on User Clustering
Users of wearable services are different in age, occupation, income, education, personality, values and lifestyle, which also determine their different consumption patterns. Therefore, for the trust of wearable services, the...
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Spammer Group Detection Using Machine Learning Technology for Observation of New Spammer Behavioral Features
Recently, the rapid growth in the number of customer reviews on e-commence platforms and in the amount of user-generated content has begun to have a profound impact on customer purchasing decisions. To counter the negative...
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Elliptical Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna Design Based on a Dynamic Constrained Multiobjective Optimization Evolutionary Algorithm
Most evolutionary optimization algorithms have already been used for antenna design and shown promising results on improving the performance of the antenna. However, for many real-world antenna optimization problems, they are...
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CEO Exposure, Media Influence, and Stock Returns
Media-aware stock movements are well acknowledged by the behavioral finance. As the soul of a firm, CEO’s media behavior is critical to the operation of a firm. CEO’s exposure could have captured the investors’ attention and...
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Formative Assessment as an Online Instruction Intervention
Online education has long been suffering from high dropout rate and low achievement. However, both asynchronous and synchronous online instructions have to become effective to serve as a quick response to maintain undisrupted...
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Energy Constraint in China at the Expense of Profitability?
Although energy constraints, green technology innovation increment, and corporate profitability are issues of central importance to enterprise management and the environment, many aspects of these elements have been neglected in...
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A Financial Deep Learning Framework
Prediction of stock price movement is regarded as a challenging task of financial time series prediction. Due to the complexity and massive financial market data, the research of deep learning approaches for predicting the...
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Understanding Universal Adversarial Attack and Defense on Graph
Compared with traditional machine learning model, graph neural networks (GNNs) have distinct advantages in processing unstructured data. However, the vulnerability of GNNs cannot be ignored. Graph universal adversarial attack is...
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Evaluation and Comparative Analysis of Semantic Web-Based Strategies for Enhancing Educational System Development
Educators have been calling for reform for a decade. Recent technical breakthroughs have led to various improvements in the semantic web-based education system. After last year's COVID-19 outbreak, development quickened. Many...
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Chinese English Teachers' Perspectives on “Distributed Flip MOOC Blends”
This article reports on a study involving experienced university lecturers from mainland China reflecting on how to blend FutureLearn MOOCs into their existing English Language Teaching (ELT) curricula while on an ‘upskilling'...
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Decision and Coordination of an O2O Supply Chain With Market Segmentation and Showrooming Effect
This paper investigates impacts of market segmentation and showrooming effect on the decision-making of an O2O supply chain, and puts forwards a contract to coordinate the O2O supply chain. Results show that, the showrooming...
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CBC-Based Synthetic Speech Detection
In previous studies of synthetic speech detection (SSD), the most widely used features are based on a linear power spectrum. Different from conventional methods, this article proposes a new feature extraction method for SSD from...
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ENF Based Video Forgery Detection Algorithm
The electric network frequency (ENF) is recorded in the videos taken under the lights powered by grid and can be used for digital forensics. However, due to the lack of data caused by the low frame rate of the video, the...
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Social Commerce
The present study performs the bibliometric analysis of the social commerce (s-commerce) literature, highlights the major research themes, and suggests future research directions. The HistCite software has been used for...
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Research on Photorealistic Virtual Face Modeling
Most of the traditional face modeling methods adopt the parameter-based method to construct, but the face model constructed by this method is too smooth and ignores the detailed features of the face. To solve this problem, a...
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Hierarchical Hybrid Neural Networks With Multi-Head Attention for Document Classification
Document classification is a research topic aiming to predict the overall text sentiment polarity with the advent of deep neural networks. Various deep learning algorithms have been employed in the current studies to improve...
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