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The Expansion of Approximant /r/ in Dutch
Renée Van Bezooijen
Sep 30, 2014
In present-day Standard Dutch as spoken in the Netherlands, three main categories of pronunciation variants of Irl can be distinguished, namely alveolar /r/, uvular /r/, and approximant /r/. Approximant /r/, the focus of this...
TO UNDERSTAND THE LINGUISTIC CLIMATE of Newfoundland, one must look not only at the linguistic variation that exists among Newfoundland speakers, but also at what underlies and drives this variation. It is clear that social...
A Flipped Instructional Design as an Online Pedagogy Enabling Student Learning in an ODeL Course
Micheal van Wyk
Nov 01, 2021
The growing body of literature is reporting positive results when it comes to flipped learning which across disciplines and contexts involves student-centered, technology-integrated teaching. Using a systematic scoping review...
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End-User Perceptions on Information Security
Information is a vital asset needed by many organizations to function effectively. However, this asset can easily be compromised thus its protection is crucial to the efficacy of an organization. A common information security...
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Sewing the quilt of fragmented experiences
Haley Toll
Oct 01, 2018
In this reflexive self-study, I interweave the heuristic analysis of dreams with reflections on research and data collection processes, as a first-year PhD student, to discover and contemplate my personal ontologies and...
Convolutional Neural Network Integrated With Fuzzy Rules for Decision Making in Brain Tumor Diagnosis
Conventional methods used in brain tumors detection, diagnosis, and classification such as magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography scanning technologies are unbridged in their results. This paper presents a proposed...
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Incomplete reporting of complex interventions
Reporting of intervention research has been inadequate for many years. The development and promotion of freely available checklists aims to address this problem by providing researchers with a list of items that require...
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Academic Experiences of “Zoom-Fatigue” as a Virtual Streaming Phenomenon During the COVID-19 Pandemic
This phenomenological exploratory multiple-case study design was conducted at an open distance e-learning university and a traditional contact residential university and it was found that the participants viewed video...
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A Design-Based Study for Development of a Model for a Successful Online Discussion Forum
Due to the current situation of lock-down and social distancing, many educational institutions have shifted to online learning. This study aims to identify the key factors that should be present for successful online discussion...
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Assessment of Substrate and TBC Damage Effects on Resonance Frequencies for Blade Health Monitoring
The reliability of critical aircraft components continues to shift towards onboard monitoring to optimize maintenance scheduling, economy efficiency and safety. Therefore, the present study investigates changes in dynamic...
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Machine Learning Based Admission Data Processing for Early Forecasting Students' Learning Outcomes
In this paper, the authors explore the factors to improve the accuracy of predicting student learning outcomes. The method can remove redundant and irrelevant factors to get a “clean” data set without having to solve the NP-Hard...
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Do socioeconomic inequities arise during school-based physical activity interventions? An exploratory case study of the GoActive trial.
OBJECTIVE: To investigate socioeconomic inequities in the intervention and evaluation process of the GoActive school-based physical activity intervention and demonstrate a novel approach to evaluating intervention-related...
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In this digital era, innovation becomes an important element within urban planning and management to support a more effective and efficient urban service. Until now, most of the local governments in Indonesia still rely on a...
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Ethics of Retailers and Consumer Behavior in E-Commerce
In the era of the information-communication technology with the development of electronic commerce, consumers can buy almost everything anywhere and at any time. One of the greatest benefits of e-commerce has been the...
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Satisfaction With the Social Competencies of Female and Male Supervisors Across Workplaces
Scholars have widely documented the challenges women face in being evaluated as competent leaders. The authors contribute to this field by addressing whether and when female supervisors might have a favorable position by...
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A Model of Semantic-Based Image Retrieval Using C-Tree and Neighbor Graph
The problems of image mining and semantic image retrieval play an important role in many areas of life. In this paper, a semantic-based image retrieval system is proposed that relies on the combination of C-Tree, which was built...
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A Cross-Country Comparison of Mathematics Teachers' Beliefs About Technology in Education
The purpose of this study was to determine how South African learners compared with their selected international counterparts according to their teachers’ views. The analysis was based on predictor variables that are related to...
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Field interventions for climate change mitigation behaviors
Behavioral change is essential to mitigate climate change. To advance current knowledge, we synthesize research on interventions aiming to promote climate change mitigation behaviors in field settings. In a preregistered...
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Formal Analysis of Database Trigger Systems Using Event-B
Most modern relational database systems use triggers to implement automatic tasks in response to specific events happening inside or outside a system. A database trigger is a human readable block code without any formal...
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Investigating the Impact of Outsourcing on IT Flexibility
Modern healthcare organizations try to leverage their IT infrastructures to enhance the efficiency of processes and the quality of patient services. The flexibility of the IT infrastructure is a critical factor in the process of...
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The Economic Impact of Standards in Belgium
While several past studies have measured the impact of standards on indicators such as output and productivity for a variety of countries, a quantitative analysis that focuses on Belgium has not been performed yet. Based on a...
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