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Insights into the Origin of High Activity of Ni<sub>5</sub>P<sub>4</sub>(0001) for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction.
Hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) is directly relevant to green hydrogen production from water splitting. Recently, a low-cost Ni5P4 material has been demonstrated experimentally and theoretically to...
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Nine Year Compulsory Education Policy in China
Maojia Sun
Jan 01, 2022
The education system in China has brought many benefits to Chinese education through decades of continuous reform and development. This is because many of China's education policies have shaped the Chinese education system as it...
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Utilizing MAR for Remedial Teaching of Compound-Cube-Surface Area at Elementary School in Taiwan
Meng Chen, Koun Sun
Apr 01, 2020
In this paper, the development of the MAR (mobile augmented reality) remedial teaching program is described. It allowed students to manipulate augmented objects through AURASMA app via internet and find leads to solve geometry...
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The E-Commerce Investment and Enterprise Performance Based on Customer Relationship Management
Yili Sun, Ping Wang
Aug 01, 2021
In the current dynamic and complex competitive environment, the implementation of enterprise e-commerce plays an important role in the development of external business process activities. Through the Internet, information...
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Abnormal Emotion Detection of Tennis Players by Using Physiological Signal and Mobile Computing
Xiaoyan Sun
Jul 01, 2022
Emotion is an important research topic in the field of sports. The physiological changes caused by emotion have a great influence on the completion of sports. It cannot only fully mobilize the organism and maximize the exercise...
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The Impact of Risk-Aware Consumer Trust on CB E-Commerce Platforms and Purchase Intention
Yi Sun, Yunrong Li
Aug 01, 2021
Cross-border e-commerce(CBRC) is increasingly affecting the value of traditional trade due to its rich variety, convenient operation, and free of time and space restrictions, and has also changed the consumer's Shopping habits....
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Trust Building Techniques for Virtual Team Assignments
Zhe Zhang, Wenyuan Sun
Feb 28, 2022
Leaders of organizations frequently a failure to employ the process of gaining trust tactics required for virtual project team adoption to be successful (VPTs). The goal of this qualitative single case study, which was based on...
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Integration of Multi-Omics Data to Identify Cancer Biomarkers
Peng Li, Bo Sun
Jan 01, 2022
A novel method for integrating multi-omics data, including gene expression, copy number variation, DNA methylation, and miRNA data, is proposed to identify biomarkers of cancer prognosis. First, survival analysis was performed...
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Research on the Influence Maximization Problem in Social Networks Based on the Multi-Functional Complex Networks Model
Gengxin Sun, Sheng Bin
May 01, 2022
Most of the existing influence maximization problem in social networks only focus on single relationship social networks, that is, there is only one relationship in social networks. However, in reality, there are often many...
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Construction of SCUIR Propagation Model Based on Time-Varying Parameters
Feng Li, Gengxin Sun
Jan 01, 2022
The novel coronavirus is a new type of virus, and its transmission characteristics are different from the previous virus. Based on the SEIR transmission model, this paper redefines the latent state as close contacts state...
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Digital Barriers and Individual Coping Behaviors in Distance Education During COVID-19
Isabel Gan, Rui Sun
Jan 01, 2022
Information and communication technologies (ICT) have played a pivotal role in facilitating knowledge acquisition and enabling distance education. Yet, knowledge about digital divide in distance education remains limited. This...
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Identifying the Group Differences in the Impact of Haze on Residents' Low-Carbon Travel
This paper matches the large-scale survey data and the corresponding historical weather data to explore how air pollution impacts on low-carbon travel choices. The K-means algorithm is employed to cluster the personal...
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Research on Information-Driven Trades in China
The authors examine the information-driven trades and informed traders' order size strategies in China's stock market. They find the aggregate U-shaped informed trading is not only explained by the time-of-day effect but is also...
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Technology Entrepreneurship of Large State-Owned Firms in Emerging Economies
Firms in emerging economies face greater resource constraints and higher levels of firm informality than those in developed economies. Particularly, large state-owned firms struggle for survival when encountering intense...
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Research on the Mediating Effect of Corporate Governance Behavior Between GEM and Governance Performance of Listed Companies on the Growth Enterprise
At the end of 2019, the sudden attack of the COVID-19 brought huge challenges to the management, operation and development of listed companies. In view of the suddenness of the epidemic, the internal governance of listed...
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A Prediction and Visual Analysis Method for Graduation Destination of Undergraduates Based on LambdaMART Model
Predicting graduation destination can help students determine their learning goals in advance, help faculty optimize curriculum and provide career guidance for students. In this paper, the authors first propose a prediction...
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Exploring Performance Management in China's Family SMEs Based on Structural Equation Modelling and Back-Propagation Neural Network
Because of the growing competition and challenges within the global business environment, understanding performance management has become essential to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as they have traditionally...
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Diversity beyond density
Urban density, in the form of residents' and visitors' concentration, is long considered to foster diverse exchanges of interpersonal knowledge and skills, which are intrinsic to sustainable human settlements. However, with...
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A HEVC Video Steganalysis Against DCT/DST-Based Steganography
The development of video steganography has put forward a higher demand for video steganalysis. This paper presents a novel steganalysis against discrete cosine/sine transform (DCT/DST)-based steganography for high efficiency...
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Determine Factors of NFC Mobile Payment Continuous Adoption in Shopping Malls
Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile payment systems allow users to utilize services through smartphones. There is insufficient literature exploring the adoption of NFC with payment scenarios in developing countries. This study...
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The Relationship Between Collaborative Innovation Risk and Performance of Industrial Parks
From the perspective of collaborative innovation risk, the relationship between different risks and IP is explored based on the BPNN (Back Propagation Neural Network) model. Then, the SE (Synergy Effect) and the DC (Dynamic...
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When Job Candidates Experience Social Media Privacy Violations
This study uses a cross-cultural sample from the U.S. and China to compare information privacy-protective responses to a breach in privacy during a job interview. Using a job recruitment scenario, the relationships among...
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CEO Turnover, Network Effects, and Firm Performance
This article applies network and organizational theory to examine the effect of CEO turnover on firm accounting and market performance in both short-term and long-term. In addition, this research investigates the moderating role...
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